Forex Megadroid – Automated Forex Trading Tool

A large number of Forex traders depend on the Forex robots, as they are efficient, accurate and profitable. Many are available in the market these days, you can choose according to your budget and requirements. One of such automated currency robots is Forex Megadroid.

Forex Megadroid is created by two trading experts with the purpose of making a robot, which can trade in any market condition. Its high winning percentage is the proof of its good prediction ability. It has inbuilt technology called RCPTA or Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis, this it the latest technology which enables the robot to analyze the past market data before entering in next trade. It artificial intelligence system enables it to record the experience of all previous trades which it can use for the future trades. It can work 24 hours a day, untiringly. If one is planning to start a side business he can invest his money in Forex market and Forex Megadroid will mange all the trades for him and he can take care of his original business. Megadroid acts like an efficient assistant for the expert traders and can help like an for the new comers in Forex market.

This economical robot is very easy to understand. Every trader having a little knowledge of computer can easily use it as it has very few settings to adjust. One can use default settings or tune them according to his trading style. Megadroid does not like to lose a trade, it enters in a trade when there are high…

Source by Andrew P. Parker

Trading Forex Currencies As a Legitimate Business – How About Letting the Robots Trade For You?

Do you happen to know what the fastest growing investment opportunity is right now in our world? No, it is not some Multi-Level-Marketing scam trying to push some exotic fruit beverage that promises anti-oxidant boosts and improved health. No, it is not some get rich quick scam either! I have seen plenty of them in my day and I can tell you we are not discussing getting rich quick here.

What I am talking about in this article here, is called Forex. Forex is an investment market where your country's currency is being traded for another country's currency and the deviations between the purchase and selling of currencies is where you either make or lose money.

Forex is a round-the-clock 24 hour market where close to a whopping four trillion dollars is traded on a daily basis. Now the markets are not open on the weekends, but between Sunday evening / Monday morning and Friday afternoon / evening you can trade any part of the day or night.

In currency trading, you have a multiple of options for what courses that you want to trade. Perhaps you want to sell the euro against the United States dollar or maybe you want to sell the Japanese Yen against the English pound. There are several different trading strategies taken for account for each currency pair. Not one strategy is going to work for two different currency pairs. If you try to trade the EURUSD and USDJPY the same way, you will most likely lose your shirt. Both currency pairs resemble different…

by Thomas Howell

Forex Expert Advisors – Claim Automated Profits But Give Users Losses, Here's Why

You will see lots of cheap Forex Robots and the laughably named Forex Expert Advisor's sold online and they all claim, to make better profits than the world's best fund managers but the reality is they all lose, for one simple reason which is enclosed.

If you think about it, they are offering you a life of financial freedom for paying just a couple of hundred dollars or less; it looks to good to be true and of course it is. They all lose, because none of them have ever made any long term profits.

How can you call yourself an expert at making money, if you have never made any?

If you look at the track records these automated software packages present, all you get are simulations going backwards, knowing the closing prices and that's easy anyone could be a billionaire, if they know tomorrows price today but that's not the real world of trading! Sure you get some that claim their figures are real but when do you ever see an audit by a third party? Never and you have to rely on figures, from the person selling the system.

If you really could get rich, with no effort and for spending just a few hundred dollars, the whole world would be trading and no one would bother to work.

Forex trading can be learned by anyone but you need to make an effort and learn the basics and the skills needed to succeed; This is what all successful traders do and you need to do too.

If you do make an effort and learn the right skills, no other business can reward you so highly as…


Is Bogie-nn-v8 the Holy Grail? – Forex Expert Advisor Review

So you are a full time forex trader ?? = you got no life ..

Sorry to be blunt and rude, but I have to tell you that there are great solutions that can automate online Forex trading and allows you to do something else, like buying your wife flowers, or giving your daughter a kiss she describes.

Studies shows that 90% of even the most experienced Forex traders lose all their money because of:


You want to get rich overnight, you do not close trade, wanting it to reach more points and gain more money. You buy more lots than you can afford.

greed = disaster


Never ever trades with feelings or emotions, NEVER trades like a fortune teller, foretelling that you are going to close in USD5000, – if you waited an hour more, because you "feel" it coming.

3.Not having rules

THIS IS BIG! the word here is discipline, always set a rule that is profitable.
Always make a smart rule like fix stop loss, fix lot, exit strategy and stick to it.

4.Always believing the news

You have to repeat after me: "News are created so that you have to agree according to their plan."
The trick here is to be educated by reading the news and looking for information on how the event will affect the treaties, and not trying to find articles written to tell you their prediction on how low or high the currency pairs will go.


You are not Robocop, superman or God, your eyes will be weary, your stomach will grumble for pizzas, burgers or whatever…

Source by Anton Goodman

Forex Expert Advisor – Find the Best One Now!

If you want to join those people who tested that Forex trading is the best means to get your most long for cash then you must probably hear about 'Forex expert advisor'. No please do not think that you'll actually hire the service of a real person since this is an actual piece of software that will do the task of trading Forex market for your personal needs. In view of this, it will save you the trouble of not having any knowledge or experience about the issue since the robot is specifically programmed to do everything that you are actually expected to do. The task would even consist of opening and closing trades and it may even decide if the trade is actually making you money.

If you are thinking how the process can be possible then you will be obliged to run a metatrader platform otherwise (MT4) since this is what most brokers would support though you still need to check the data for verification. After that, you can now begin to affix the software while you try to leave your computer on power mode while raising your eyes to see money coming into your way. Fine, the last part would not always work the same way since it will highly depend on what Forex expert advisor you chose. Be extra wary about scams given there are plenty of these in the internet that would do nothing but drain your account before you actually know what the real deal is.

With this, what are the considerations that we have to take in looking for a good Forex expert advisor? First of all,…

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Forex Robot Review – Forex Megadroid Vs Forex Autopilot

The Foreign Exchange Market is a merciless environment. A few or more mistakes in your trade and you may lose what you have started for. There are traders who have been performing well in their first few trades and went overly confident to give away all that they have.

So when there was a drastic change in the market condition they ended up losing everything. The FOREX market is an ever changing market that even experts sometimes find it hard to predict what would come up next. But if you have the right knowledge, right amount of investment and the right tool to analyze multi market conditions for you, you'll have a better chance in winning the trade. Now the question is what is the best tool for you to use? This article reviews the two most popular trading robots nowdays, the FOREX Megadroid and the FOREX Autopilot. Will these robots work in a volatile market?

FOREX Megadroid and FOREX Autopilot are both FOREX trading systems that are designed to work better on a Meta Trader 4 platform. Both claims an easy plug and play set up instruction. Once set up it does the market trends analysis and place the trade for you. But I have a warning to beginners; systems that are not properly set up may not work as expected. Please take the time to read instructions carefully and ask their support staff if necessary for optimum usage of the trading robot.

The FOREX autopilot was created by a known trading expert Marcus Leary. He prides its funnel system design that…


Forex Trading Robots – Top Reviews and Profits

Most of the reviews written about Forex robots today focus on how beneficial they are for beginning traders and neglect the real advantages they offer for people who have been investing for years both in traditional markets and in the currency exchange market. The truth is that these robots are a great choice for people at any level of trading experience, but Forex robots do have some keen benefits for more experienced users as well.

Time Savings

One of the best reasons to start using Forex robots is the time savings. Even if you have professional guidance helping you make your trading decisions, you'll find that using one of these programs is going to free up more of your time because you will not have to be on the phone considering those options all the time or analyzing charts. Instead, you can just check what the Forex rob is suggesting and make the trades you want based on those recommendations or let the system trade automatically for you.

You do not have to spend hours doing research or following the currency market. Even if you do, many of the programs available have built-in features that let you do this easily without leaving your computer. Then you have the option of using that extra time for other purposes, sometimes other investments or maybe getting more work done at your job or even setting up additional streams of income for your family.

Higher Returns

No one wants to lose money on an investment, but it does happen. And if you're a…


Making a Profit Using Forex Currency Trading Combined With Forex Robot Software

Foreign exchange, occasionally referred to as Forex trading or FX, is a multifaceted trading market for foreign currencies. Currencies around the world are traded, one against the other, lowering and raising exchange values between them at changeable rates.

Although other markets include times when they stop trading, Forex runs endlessly, allowing rates to vary at any certain time. Banks and other financial institutions manage these foreign currency exchanges, and each one has specific rates.

Forex is a gigantic, variable market, and it is getting bigger day by day. The trades happen globally, with negligible control among countries.

You should monitor a variety of continually changing details in order to make money in this complicated market. It doesn’t take a lot to miss a critical detail, causing one to waste a lot of your outlay.

Owing to its convoluted nature, numerous traders are currently using computerized software products such as Foreign exchange robots. To be successful, traders require well-defined info, good data gathering, and the ability to put together decisions based on solid figures instead of gut feelings.

The frequent mistakes made by human interpretation can be decreased or even eliminated by using Forex robots. The software can provide a trader the comprehensive data he or she needs, which helps reduce the stress connected with trading in the foreign exchange market. This robotic software will constantly observe the market and execute trading actions as…


Can You Build a Profit With Easy Forex Robot Software? The Answer is Yes!

Foreign exchange, sometimes referred to as Forex trading or FX, is a complex trading market for foreign currencies. In this market, monies from the world are traded, one against the next, which changes the trade values between them at various rates.

Forex never shuts down, which contrasts from other markets, and the rates change continually. Forex currency trading is handled by way of banks and other monetary organizations that will all have distinct rates.

Forex is one of the world’s largest, most fluctuating markets, growing in size every day. There are extremely little regulations among countries to control these international transactions.

You have to keep an eye on a variety of continually changing minutiae in order to build wealth in this complicated market. It is very easy to miss an essential detail, which can result in significant losses to your account.

Thanks in part to the complex makeup of this market, numerous traders are employing automated computer programs, or Forex robots. To be lucrative, traders need well-defined information, accurate data collection, and the ability to construct decisions based upon statistics rather than gut feelings.

Forex robots can cut down and sometimes even avoid the mistakes created by by a human. The software can offer a trader the inclusive data he or she needs, which gets rid of the constant worry associated with trading in this market. These programs will continuously examine the market and carry out trading actions as…


Beware of Forex Brokers When You Trade With Forex Robot

You may be wondering about the title of this section. Why do you need to beware of Forex brokers? Well, there are some tricks that they play that are not in your best interests, as I shall explain. Please don’t think this applies to all Forex brokers, but there are certainly some dishonest ones, or at least ones that look first to their own best interests at the expense of their clients.

Firstly, to set the scene, you must think about where brokers make their money. Typically when trading Forex you may not pay a commission but you do have a spread. A spread is a difference between the price that you can buy and the price that you can sell at.

For instance, at this moment of writing, I am looking at GBPUSD (British pounds and US dollars), and see 1.6476/1.6481 as the quoted prices. These prices are known as the bid and ask. The first currency named is traded for X quantity of the other currency. In this case 1 pound sterling will buy US$1.6476, but if I want to buy 1 pound sterling I would need US$1.6481. So the broker would make US$0.0005 each time they bought and sold 1 pound sterling. It certainly doesn’t seem that the broker will get rich on that, but you must realize that the standard size traded is 100,000 units, so if the broker bought your lot of currency and sold it again they would make £50.

You should expect the spread to be lower on the major frequently traded currency pairs, but perhaps a little higher on exotics. Forex robots are usually designed to be traded…