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Gleneagle Securities and Integral Raise the Bar for Margin FX | Business Wire

SYDNEY & PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gleneagle Securities (,

a leading financial services firm based in Australia, and Integral

Development Corp. (,

a leading service provider to FX market participants, announced today

that they have significantly enriched the customer experience on

Gleneagle’s margin FX platform, Global Prime (

Customers of Global Prime can now receive detailed Transaction Cost

Analysis (TCA) for their trades. They also have the ability to customize

the mix of liquidity providers that they receive through Global Prime to

better fit their business. This amounts to a level of trade insight,

analysis and control that goes far beyond what other margin FX

technologies are able to offer. Gleneagle brokerage benefits from the

fact that liquidity aggregation, an execution management system and

connectivity are delivered as a one-stop service. This includes hardware

options as well as professional support from FX-knowledgeable business

specialists. Since everything is delivered as a cloud service,

fundamental changes happen quickly and without any upfront costs for the


“We are committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency and

integrity throughout our organization. The built-in analytics of

Integral’s solution, which we have the means to control, are second to

none,” said Elan Bension, Head of FX, Gleneagle Securities. “Our

customers can rest assured that they will get direct market access to

the interbank market and best execution when trusting us with their

business. And, we have access to the data that backs it up.”

Gleneagle’s customers benefit from a complete solution that exceeds the

required trading software and includes access to hardware and

state-of-the-art datacenters. Through a single interface, Gleneagle has

access to powerful analytics that analyze every detail of a trade. This

ensures that its customers receive the best service and execution.

Integral manages all custom connections to liquidity providers.

Gleneagle’s customers have access to liquidity from every major

market-making bank, professional trading group and ECN.

“We value our longstanding relationship with Gleneagle and are pleased

to build on our existing partnership by providing them with the tools to

better serve their customers in an increasingly competitive market

place,” said Harpal Sandhu, CEO, Integral Development Corp. “We are

proud to say that our cloud-based services are flexible enough to meet

the different needs of their diverse customer base with tailored

offerings, while still allowing Gleneagle to implement a single solution

as the base for all of their FX business. This ‘mass customization’ is

something customers cherish, and from the initial feedback, we already

know that they are delighted.”

Since all of Integral’s offerings are services delivered in the cloud,

this additional functionality was implemented in a matter of weeks in

close cooperation with Alex Neo, Business Development Manager, and

Jeremy Kinstlinger, Relationship Manager, both at Global Prime.

To get in contact with the Gleneagle Securities and Global Prime team

please call +612 8277 6611 or email

About Gleneagle Securities

Gleneagle Securities is an Australian registered financial service

provider and a leader in the evolution of financial markets. Gleneagle

serves the diverse needs of sophisticated market participants and

institutions ranging from traditional money managers and high net worth

individuals to registered investment firms and funds. Gleneagle are

committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency and

integrity throughout our organization and to that end, building a team

of highly capable, experienced individuals equally committed to the

pursuit of our vision. Sophisticated clients trading in the forex market

demand premium liquidity and execution and rely heavily on the

infrastructure of their broker. With that in mind, Gleneagle has worked

tirelessly to secure relationships with top tier liquidity providers as

well and providing clients with Direct Market Access to the interbank

market. The result of this is a premium forex liquidity offering,

capable of handling the needs of fund managers, brokers, sophisticated

and high net worth traders. Gleneagle has established a prime of prime

brokerage service to meet the demands of funds managers, brokers as well

as high net worth and sophisticated traders. For more information, visit

Copyright © 2014 Gleneagle Securities (Aust) Pty Ltd – ABN 58 136 930

526 AFSL 337985

About Integral

Integral Development Corp., a leading service provider to FX market

participants, develops and operates FX Grid®, a global multi-sided

trading network connecting active market participants with all major

sources of FX liquidity. Integral’s business model supports all FX

market participants with the solutions to build their own private FX

exchanges, and to deliver branded trading services to their clients. FX

Grid connects all segments of foreign exchange including retail and

institutional brokers, banks, investment and asset managers and

professional trading firms. Founded in 1993, Integral maintains

development, support, and sales offices in Palo Alto, New York, London,

Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangalore. For more information, visit

© 2014 Integral Development Corp. All rights reserved. Integral

technology is protected under U.S. Patent Nos. 6,347,307 B1; 7,882,011

B2 and 8,417,622 B2, patent pending applications and related

intellectual property.

FX Market – The Great Money Pit

If you have ever invested in the Forex Market, you know that it can be a very expensive proposition. I know, because I've been there. You can easily lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you are thinking about starting a business as an investor in the Forex Market, know this. To have any chance of success at all, you will need to begin with a sizable amount of money. You'll also need to learn a lot of technical things, such as; reading charts and understanding different formats that develop in those charts. You'll need to learn how to place orders, when to place those orders and when to close them out.

Then there's the tools available to an investor:

– Stochastic Oscillator
– Moving Average Crossovers
– Bollinger Bands
– Relative Strength Index
– Moving Averages

Just learning what these tools do and how to use them can be a very time consuming ordeal. Use them the wrong way and you can watch your money go right down the drain.

Believe me, to become established in this business can take a long time, and as I said before, it can also be very expensive.

So, if you are not the type of person that can handle pressure, then you really do not want to get involved with investing in the Forex Market.

Finally, I saw some statistics on a website the other day. As I show them to you, you can see how difficult it is to be successful in the FX Market:

– 1% of Forex Traders become millionaire.
– 4% make a good living trading.
– 5% are…


Fx Robots – How to Use a Fx Robotic to Fatten Your Lender Account

Remember the time when robots were being almost nothing a lot more than chunky toys that gasoline youthful boys’ options for globe domination? Effectively, that time has extended passed. Presently, robots have come a phase nearer to globe domination. They can now trade, thank you.

Fx robots are now the trend in the gargantuan market that is investing.

Fx (quick for overseas trade) investing facilities on the getting and marketing of currencies all in excess of the globe. It is an eye-catching gig for any individual with some revenue and a giant ambition since of the seemingly-infinite prospects it offers. With investing, you can function with a small cash and nonetheless make some revenue. The market is also really liquid since of its dimensions and since it promotions specifically with revenue.

Fx investing is also a person of the most versatile money-creating actions available. The market is open up 24 hours from Sunday night to Friday afternoon. This signifies a lot more time for you to do business enterprise and you can do it at your most easy time too. You can be a trader and nonetheless preserve your working day job.

Fx robots are programs that are especially built to conduct trade in the market. They are geared up with the needed tools to make the needed decisions in investing. Trading indicators are integrated into these robots, creating them able to know when to trade or when to keep on to the revenue.

These robots are turning into progressively well-known since, initial of all, all people loves a superior assistant. These revenue-creating equipment…

Source by Bernice Eker

FXIT Engages BUYINS.NET to Monitor Market Maker’s Compliance with SEC’s Fair Market-Making Requirements | Business Wire



a leading online provider of foreign exchange, or FX, trading and

related services, announced today that the company has engaged

BUYINS.NET to monitor compliance with SEC’s Fair Market-Making


Recent activity in the stock has prompted the company on behalf of

shareholders to look into potential violations of FINRA’s Fair

Market-Making Requirements. According to BUYINS.NET’s Short Sale Data,

approximately 56% of the previous 27 trading days have been negative or

bearish-biased. In addition, the total aggregate number of shares

shorted since December 2010 is approximately 4.19 million shares out of

9.86 million shares traded or approximately 42.54% of daily trading

volume has been short selling.

BUYINS.NET has advised the company that they suspect that certain

market-makers may be participating in activities that are related to

speculative selling strategies or investment purposes of a broker-dealer

and those activities are disproportionate to the usual market making

patterns or practices of the broker-dealer in that security.

Forex International Trading CEO Darren Dunckel commented “As a company

our goal is to provide our shareholders with an open line of

communication and encourage a fair trading market in our stock so all

shareholders can participate equally. As part of our efforts to have an

open line of communication, it has come to my attention that several

stock promotion sites have been calling into question the legitimacy of

our earnings, I encourage anyone who has questions about our earnings to

review our filings and join our call on Wednesday May 25, 2011 so we can

discuss them.”

Conference Call

As previously announced, FXIT will host a conference call to discuss the

results as well as the Company’s business outlook for the remainder of

the year. The call will take place after the close of the market on

Wednesday May 25, 2011 at 4:15 p.m. (EDT) and will be open to all

shareholders and interested parties. The conference call will be

conducted by President and CEO, Darren Dunckel, and will be available by

dialing 712-432-0900. The conference ID number is 758771.

About Forex International Trading Corp.

Headquartered in New York, NY, Forex International Trading Corp.

operates an offshore advanced online trading platform for Forex markets

to non U.S. residents. The Company focuses on providing individual and

institutional investors with a platform for buying and selling

currencies, precious metals and commodity futures. The company’s

platforms allow self-directed, broker-assisted, and managed accounts.

Through the platforms, customers have access to over 20 currencies and

bullion deliveries. The Foreign Currency Market (“Forex” or “FX”) is

created by the global exchange of currencies. According to the Bank for

International Settlements, the average daily turnover, or, volume in the

Global FX market in April 2010 was $4 Trillion compared to only $1.2

Trillion in 2001 (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 1, 2010). Historically,

access to the FX market was only available to governments, commercial

banks, corporations, and other large financial institutions. The Company

is now capitalizing on the growth of online currency trading through its

state of the art web-based trading platforms.

For more information, please visit:

Forward-Looking Statements: This press release contains

forward-looking statements, including expected industry patterns and

other financial and business results that involve known and unknown

risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual

results, levels of activity, performance or achievements to differ

materially from results expressed or implied by this press release. Such

risk factors include, among others, whether Forex International Trading

Corp. can successfully execute its operating plan; its ability to

integrate acquired companies and technology; its ability to retain key

employees; its ability to successfully combine product offerings and

customer acceptance of combined products; general market conditions; and

whether Forex International Trading Corp. can successfully develop new

products and the degree to which these gain market acceptance. Actual

results may differ materially from those contained in the

forward-looking statements in this press release. Forex International

Trading Corp. does not undertake any obligation to update or revise

forward-looking statements to reflect changed assumptions, the

occurrence of unanticipated events or changes to future operating


Foreign exchange Buying and selling For Newcomers- Can You Trade Currency 24/7

Foreign exchange market place several hours as i briefly outlined in aspect one of the 7 sequence of  for newcomers content, is completely different than other trade markets these types of as inventory exchange market place. Given that in market place you can trade currencies with any other region, and naturally considering the fact that there are different time zones in the entire world, market place has to stay open 24 several hours a day, so any one from any place in the entire world can trade. On the other hand Foreign exchange market place is not a 24/7 market place, because on weekends market place is closed.

To discover out the actual timing, and know when the markets open and near, you have to consider time zones into thought. It could seem scary to some, but, it can be very uncomplicated when expressed in UTC. UTC stands for Universal Coordinated Time (akaGreenwich Indicate Time). It is used because its the common (winter season) time in Greenwich, London, which is the stage of zero longitude on the world.

Realizing that, you can say that the normal market place several hours are 22.00 Sunday UTC to 22.00 Friday UTC. Which translate to ten pm in the United kingdom (winter season time).
As for people, considering the fact that New York is five several hours powering the United kingdom, the market place several hours begin from five pm Sunday, until finally five pm Friday in New York. For the US west coastline, it would be 2 pm sunday/friday. For australia it would be 8 am Monday/Saturday in Sydney. For Germany it truly is eleven pm, and so on.

As for summer, it could get a minor little bit perplexing, considering the fact that you have to consider summer time daylight conserving into account. It does not implement to each region, but for these who it applies to, it…

Source by Satrap

IvyBot Review – Ivybot Fx Buying and selling Robot Scam

Single of the most current Fx robots to approach on the prospect is the IvyBot. The buying and selling robotic was shaped by the Ivy League’s learners and alumnus. It has managed to safe an of fantastic consequence place in the sphere of this aggressive business and has managed to get maintain of a pursuing of enthusiastic traders.

Traders who depletion this instruct are proclaiming to be current reaping initially-course earnings from the instruct. Even a at the outset event trader is aimed to be current equipped to depletion this program. The instruct workings the exact as if around was a are living advisor chatting to you. You can keep the help of this instruct daily of the 7 days. The instruct power of character not software a daylight hrs inedible or else phone in the sphere of sick the exact as a unique assistant could possibly. Like lots of of the other robotic programs shaped in favor of the Fx market, this robotic is equipped to take in a row from the market, appraise it at current, and help you to get the gist traits. It is an consequentially instruct with the goal of can purpose on its possess. Like other buyers who depletion this logic, you power of character not keep to appraise the market by hand for the rationale that this robotic power of character take get worried of with the goal of wearisome convey about in favor of you. Even if you are with no each individual Personal computer competencies or else each individual knowledge of the Fx market, the markers of the IvyBot receive with the goal of you can nevertheless execute nicely in the sphere of the market place although working with their robotic.

The IvyBot is equipped to trade in the sphere of the pursuing currencies (USD/CHF, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and USD/JPY). These are the crucial currencies with the goal of traders are fascinated in the sphere of. This robotic is like a expert trader pursuing the traits and producing the trade although the event is genuine to progress to the trade.

If it is on the cards, at all occasions test dazed the instruct with a tape rationalization or else you set out to trade. Apply with the program to see to it that if it workings nicely or else by the aspect of smallest sum the exact as initially-course the exact as you poverty it to convey about. You look at to see to it that if a tape of the instruct is to be experienced with the goal of you can look at in favor of performance. At all occasions look at a robotic to other individuals to see to it that which could be current greater. Execute not access with not too long ago the at the outset one with the goal of you approach throughout. Rebuff carry some bodyweight how noteworthy the instruct could audio, it is your income on the line. Avert investing income with the goal of you simply cannot pay for to drop. Whilst all these techniques are aimed to be current initially-course, remember with the goal of this is investing and around is rebuff instruct so initially-course with the goal of you could not drop your income. Be current careful with your investing.

-buying and selling-robotic-fraud-1686811.html”>Source by

Getting Started In Forex Options

Many investors think of the stock market when they suppose of options. Although, the fx market also propose the opportunity to buy and sell these exceptional derivatives. This trading provides retail traders numerous opportunities to limit risk and boost profit. Here we converse what options are, how they are used and which approaches you can employ to profit.

Types of Forex Options

There are two fundamentally types of options accessible to retail forex traders. The most common are the conventional call/put option, which mechanism much like the picky stock option. The extra choice is “single payment option trading” – or SPOT – which provides traders more flexibility.

Traditional Options

Traditional options permit the buyer the right (but not the responsibility) to buy something from this kind of seller at a definite price and time.

As forex trading are invested over-the-counter (OTC), an investor can decide the price and date on which the option is to be suitable and then obtain a quote stating the finest they must pay to obtain the option.

Why Trade Options?

There are numerous reasons why options in common appeal to many investors:

Your disadvantage risk is limited to the option premium.

You have unlimited return possible.

You give less money up front to a SPOT (cash) forex position.

Forex Currency Trading System

The foreign exchange market (commonly known as forex or FX), is profitable only for those people who possess a great intellect and an ability to take risk. The FX market requires in-depth knowledge of the system and presents a fast-paced environment for the movement and manipulation of fortunes. It is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world and provides a platform for trading between commercial, investment and central banks, trade speculators, multinational companies, and other financial institutions. All of these organizations possess and follow the best system possible, in order to meet their specific needs.

This trading is affected by various factors like global politics, local and national foreign affairs, and the change in import and export policies. A normal day begins for FX market on Monday and ends on Friday. Unlike other financial markets, it runs 24 hours a day for the entire business week. The complexity of the whole process can be easily understood by considering the various aspects of foreign denomination currencies, and the social and political influences affecting the global community, which constantly keep on changing every now and then. Hence, only the highly skilled and profitable investors in the market undertake this form of trading.

What in Currency Trading

The FX market facilitates trade, investment, and the transactions between currencies, such as US dollars, euros, pounds, etc. The retail FX market is purely a speculative one and in reality, no physical exchange of currencies ever takes place. The primary function of the FX market is to facilitate the exchange of one currency into another, for different organizations. The purpose of such organizations might range from trading for payroll, payment for costs of goods and services from foreign vendors, and merger or acquisition activity. However, these corporate needs form only about 20% of the market volume and rest of the purposes are speculative in nature, which are carried out by large financial institutions, funds or individuals. When currencies are traded against one another, each pair is represented in the form of X/Y. For example, EUR/USD refers to the price of the euro expressed in US dollars.

Key Components

  • Forex Charts: Forex charts, which might appear more like a series of crisscross lines for a layman, are actually comprehensive models of statistical information on countries, histories, national ties, foreign, and domestic events. These graphs can mark the difference between an intelligent speculator and ignorant investor. These charts help the investors to take a macro view towards global trading and develop a comprehensive plan for investment.
  • Forex Rates: These are the exchange rates which allow nations to exchange sums of money, for different purposes. If an individual wants to exchange money, he first needs to check the foreign exchange rates. These rates are dependent on the political and economical policies on local, regional, and international levels. These rates also provide an opportunity to gain tremendous profits by speculation.
  • Tade Speculation: Speculators have always been a part of major economic controversies, and their effect on currency devaluations and national economies recur regularly. However, they make a stabilizing influence on the market, despite the fact that they are considered to leave a negative impact on the market. Speculation is sometimes also termed as gambling, which often interferes with economic policies. There are also many contradictory views of economic scholars, who consider speculators as people who help the enforcement of international agreements, and anticipate the effects of basic economic laws. George Soros, is a famous billionaire who made a fortune by speculation.
  • Spot Transactions: A spot transaction is a one or two-day delivery transaction, which represents a direct exchange between two currencies and involves cash rather than a contract. The delivery time depends on the two currencies which are being exchanged during the transaction, and the rate of interest is taken as its current value.
  • Forward Transactions: In this kind of transaction, money transfer does not take place, until some pre-determined future date is decided by the buyer and seller. Suppose a firm wants to make payments to a vendor for the imports, it can choose a day and make the payments on it. The exchange rate is decided mutually by the broker and the buyer, and it remains same regardless of what the market rates are at the time of payment.

This form of trading is not conducted on a regulated exchange, because of which there are additional risks attached to it. The FX market was not always accessible to a regular trader, and its access was limited to banks, hedge funds, major currency dealers, and the high net-worth individuals. Later, some smaller financial institutions and the Internet, made it available at a retail level. Before stepping into this arena, it is important to plan an effective strategy to follow, which in turn will help to gain benefits from this system.

Disclaimer: This article is for reference purposes only and does not directly recommend any specific investment choices.