KGW Capital Announces Revelation Forex Fund Ranked the #2 Best Global Performer | Business Wire


Capital Management LLCis pleased to announce that as of

March 31, 2013, Elite Forex Funds ranked KGW’s Revelation Forex Fund as

the #2 best performing fund on its Elite 10 ranking. The Revelation

Forex Fund returned 6.27% in the first quarter 2013, and a compound

annual growth rate of over 37.08% since the fund’s inception in 2009.

KGW’s Revelation Forex Fund is an absolute return fund that remains open

to investors, offering preferential tax treatment to U.S. investors. The

fund is a highly specialized hedge fund that trades in the cash Forex

market and seeks to capture large macro moves between global exchange

rates while remaining market neutral.

“The Revelation Forex Fund is the real deal,” says Sean Hyman, Editor of

Ultimate Wealth Report. Revelation continues to outperform the equity

markets, precious metals and most of the hedge funds across the U.S.”

“We have been very pleased with the performance of the Revelation Forex

Fund, and we continue to be one of the best performing Forex funds. The

Revelation Forex Fund has a solid record since its inception in 2009,

with positive results posted in 42 of the previous 52 months through

April 30, 2013,” commented Kevin

White, President of KGW Capital Management.

About Elite Forex Funds

An internationally recognized source of up-to-date information on the

best performing fully managed Forex funds. Elite Forex Funds monitors

funds that specifically trade the spot Forex market and are not

investing in equities, commodities, fixed income, futures contracts,

options or derivatives. For more information on Elite Forex Funds, visit

their website at

About KGW Capital Management

KGW Capital Management, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the

world’s leading private investment firms. KGW raises, invests and

manages private equity funds, hedge funds and publicly traded

alternative investment vehicles for institutions and high net worth

individuals. For more information on the Revelation Forex Fund, contact

Kevin White at

or 972-398-0010. For more information on the fund, please visit

What is an Equity Broker?

These who wish to obtain or provide shares of stock in publicly traded companies do so by partaking a stock broker. The broker receives a commission, and in some scenarios, a regular monthly cost for controlling the account.

When most folks use the term “stock broker” they far more than likely are referring to an equity broker. Even so, there are some dissimilarities concerning the two. Equity trading, which features hedge funds and working day trading, is far more effectively seen as a subset of conventional stock marketplace trading. Equity brokers usually offer with persons who want to commit far more aggressively or who might have intricate trading procedures they want to put into practice. Bare minimum investments are generally large, and expenses can be as very well.

An equity broker will generally conduct far more intensive marketplace investigate, and equity corporations often have intensive, proprietary systems for trading. Several corporations devoted to equities trading are established as hedge funds and lie in big expense banks.

Hedge funds are very different from the conventional approach to investing in the stock marketplace or mutual funds, which is to obtain shares and hold them for a substantial quantity of time. Hedge funds are ordinarily incredibly lively, and often the fund supervisor will acquire massive pitfalls which can pay off in the variety of massive gains or losses. In addition to investing in shares and bonds, hedge funds might also speculate on international forex or most likely any other expense that is incorporated in the approach or method.

You can also locate equity brokers in corporations that specialize in working day trading. These private equity corporations make their cash by allowing decide on traders entry to funding by the agency. Some will demand that traders use the expense method designed by the agency, whilst other individuals permit the trader choose the method as extensive as their possibilities are successful.

Equity brokers can be located at many different kinds of expense corporations. The expertise of the trader, and his comfort degree with chance, must decide the type of equity broker he selects.

Comprehensive provider brokerage corporations will ordinarily have equity brokers on personnel to aid people investors who want to acquire a far more aggressive approach to investing. These corporations give a far more “hands-on” provider to the consumer, carrying out marketplace investigate, monitoring accounts, and dispensing suggestions. By natural means, their expenses and commissions will be among the the best.

Several online equity brokers give investors the skill to choose their individual investments and procedures. Establishing an account with this type of broker is ordinarily swift and easy. You can enter your trade orders 24 several hours a working day, 7 times a 7 days, despite the fact that they are not able to be executed till the marketplace opens.

Because of to the simple fact that equity brokers generally make many far more trades than people who obtain and provide for investors who are keeping for the extensive term, expenses can mount quickly. It is not uncommon for investors to locate one particular-fourth to one particular-3rd of their gains have gone to the equity broker or his agency. Traders must conduct their due diligence on all expense chances, but with the rapidly-paced nature of equity trading, it is even far more crucial to do so before making the expense.


Learn What the Term Due Diligence Means in Various Contexts

The term due diligence is often applied in cases of business transactions, litigations and in hedge funds and foreign exchange trading scenarios. But what is due diligence? What are the formal implications of these two words coined together in this particular sequence? Well, the term due diligence has more than one specific implications when it comes to be used with relation to different fields. However, the overall inference of this term pertains to adhering to a certain degree of prudence or standard of care or caution in the discharge of a particular duty. It also means undertaking a particular activity by being fully aware of all the risks and possibilities of such duty or activity before assuming any responsibility. Let’s now take a detailed tour of how the titular question is answered by the various different fields of its application.

What Does Due Diligence Mean?

In the following paragraphs, the meaning of due diligence is being discussed from the point-of-view of each field in which it is applied under certain circumstances.

Due Diligence in Business Transactions

In terms of business transactions and commercial dealings, due diligence covers the scope of mergers, acquisitions, future and present financial decisions, decisions based upon shareholder value analysis and fully understanding the entire impact of any merger, acquisition, amalgamation or takeover. In this light, the process of due diligence is carried out in the form of nine audits – financial audit, compatibility audit, reconciliation audit, macro and legal environment audit, management audit, production and marketing audit and information systems audit. Shareholder value analysis is also a part of the in the due course of such business transactions.

Due Diligence in Hedge Funds and Forex Dealings

Hedge funds and forex dealings are tricky waters and one who is courageous enough to dabble in these instruments must be ready with all facts and must be aware of all risks before taking the plunge. Showing due diligence in this case would include taking a comprehensive snapshot of the fund, a close examination of the disclosed investment strategy, a carefully scrutiny of the historical record of the funds’/foreign exchange’s performance/ rate stability in the market, a detailed analysis of the fund’s complete portfolio, etc. The interested party must also get a copy of the audited financial statements of the fund, carefully go through its various details and terms, evaluate the risk factors and ask for a complete valuation besides checking for any kind of registration if such is required.

Due Diligence in Philanthropy

In terms of philanthropy, the investor must undertake a careful and detailed research of the financial health and organizational capacity to stand by a grant making decision of the enterprise in which he is interested for purpose of funding. Object data analysis and a detailed study of organizational stability from an important part of a comprehensive due diligence review for the purpose of corporate philanthropy.

Due Diligence in Civil Litigation

With respect to cases of civil litigation, the principle of due diligence demands that reasonable investigation must go into the matter at hand before any kind of relief or verdict is requested. It must be established that the facts and information provided with relation to a petition are accurate and true to the knowledge of the petitioner as well as the plaintiff.

Due diligence is the only means of defending for a crime that involves an external or objective element and is committed without a guilty intention. In such a case, the onus lies upon the defendant to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that everything that could, possibly, be done for preventing the crime from being committed was undertaken by the defendant and proofs or witnesses of such due diligence measures must be produced. The principle of due diligence is also present in the activities undertaken under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by Federal bodies for keeping a track of all overseas relations. Information security, commercial property dealings and supplier quality engineering are also such fields which strictly adhere to and enforce the due diligence clause. I guess that answers what due diligence is simply without dragging you too much into the confusing details.