Become a Forex Trader and Secure Your Future

Becoming a successful Forex trader is part science and part art. You can easily learn the facts or the science and then the way you use the knowledge to become successful, is the art. To become a Forex trader you need to master both parts of the equation, and develop courage and perceptiveness in a market that fluctuates with the times.

The first decision to make is about whether it is something you really want to do. If you go into foreign exchange trading with a half-hearted attitude, you will be more fearful of downturns in the market that will leave you exposed to losses. Forex trading is not for the faint hearted.

Know your subject by researching and learning everything you can about this potentially lucrative income stream. The internet offers valuable resources and there are good books written on the subject. You need to understand how it works and how it actually creates an income stream for you. Ask questions of experienced traders and watch the market for a while. You need to have knowledge of sound trading strategies before you start out.

Like any enterprise, there are necessary tools that you will need; these include a high-speed internet connection and data feed. You can work from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection. Multiple monitors make the viewing of the many charts you will need, so that you can make informed trading decisions with confidence.

The next step is to create some strategies for yourself. Use the knowledge you have acquired to…


Make Money Scams: Is the Forex Included?

The internet and make money scams – what a duo! It’s true, the internet is an amazingly useful tool. At the same time, the anonymous nature of the internet makes it very easy for less than honest individuals or companies to make misleading claims and draw in unsuspecting victims.

Scam – A Definition

Broad Definition: A scam is a dishonest attempt to get you to part with your money by making exaggerated claims or by failing to deliver the goods promised.

Specific Definition: According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a scam is “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”.

Some make money scams currently circulating on the internet are paid survey schemes, home typing schemes, and pay to join affiliate programs. Not all enterprises going under those categories are scams but many are and you need to be careful. So the question arises: Is Forex trading just another ‘make money scam?’

The question arises because anyone who browses the internet will see numerous adverts making all sorts of claims. Some promise huge returns on investment in a short time. Does the Forex make money? Absolutely! The question is, for whom? The daily turnover by some estimates is around $1.8 trillion. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can go online and participate in the marketplace.

Is the promise of profits from the Forex just a scam then? No, thousands are making good money. There are so many advantages! Working from home, with just a small starting investment, a steady income stream can be created. Of great importance however are realistic expectations and a practical approach. First realize you are going to have to do your homework, get a good education, and then spend months developing the mental disciplines necessary for online trading.

A Major NO! NO!

DON’T, repeat, DON’T, sign up with an online broker and sink thousands of dollars into your account. You will ended up getting slaughtered, almost guaranteed. And if you are currently out of work you have even added reason to proceed very, very cautiously. Some unscrupulous companies do catch the unwary in Forex based money making scams.

If large returns are promised if you invest a large amount of money, and pressure is exerted to get you to sign on the dotted line, just listen to the alarm bells ringing. The Forex is an extremely risky business and no one can give any guarantees or make any sound promises as to what you are likely to make. In the majority of cases, Forex novices lose, many not making it past the first 2 or 3 months.

A Realistic Approach

If you are tempted to try out Forex trading to see if it can work as an additional income stream for you, then research online and get free information on how to trade the Forex. Educational materials abound on the internet. Fire up Google and put “Forex tutorials” or something similar in the search field and start reading. Then open a demo account (which won’t cost you anything) at a popular broker and start getting used to the trading platform.

After practicing for a while, find a broker that allows you to trade micro lots in a mini trading account which gives you the option of trading at the 10 cent (micro) level. With some brokers you just need $250 to open an account. That will be the maximum you will risk.

At 10 cents per trading unit you can be forgiven for thinking it will take some time to get into steady income. You will be surprised! Start slowly, learning the ropes, and then, once your account starts compounding, it can begin to grow at a surprisingly fast rate. But be patient, this is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. The learning process can take a long time.

It’s understandable if up to now you have relegated Forex trading to just another one of those make money scams. Regretfully, that is one unsavory side of the Forex online trading market. However, there are a large number of reputable brokers out there, offering excellent facilities and advice to help you get started. Don’t rush, just ease yourself in gradually.

To Sum Up

Remember, the single most important factor in avoiding a make money scam related to Forex trading, is to do your homework and keep these key factors in mind:

Be prepared for a lengthy learning curve.

Don’t commit large sums of money to your training period.

The lion’s share of your time should be devoted to mind skills, namely, developing the right psychology and self-disciplines necessary for trading successfully.

Don’t get caught in the net of make money scams. Always research thoroughly. If you do that with Forex trading, it is unlikely you will regret it. There is the possibility you will see a handsome return financially.

Copyright (c) 2009 Michael A Jones