New Investment Software is Changing Lives for Average Investors

Valparaiso, IN (PRWEB) September 12, 2006

FreedomRocks has recently created an Investment Software that will teach the average person how to make money with above average returns on their investment using their Automated Trading Software. This Software is taking people with little or no trading experience and is teaching them how to Trade in the Forex Market.

Many members are earning more monthly than most banks and mutual funds are paying annually.

Millions of people are looking for a way to invest in their future everyday, but the problem is that the average person does not have the knowledge that they need to make investments that will create the kind of returns that that can change their life.

Many people invest in stocks, mutual funds or bonds, and while these can be good investments, they will not produce the kind of return that will change the way they are living. The fact is, when they invest in stocks, mutual funds or bonds, it would be considered to be a successful year if they made a 10% return on their investment for the year? Actually, an investment of $5,000 that received 10% per year would take 12 years to turn that $5,000 investment into $20,000.

The FOREX Markets are the most lucrative and liquid markets in the world, but few people even know they exist. It is one of the best kept secrets in the world. Almost $2 trillion are traded daily in the Forex Market. Banks, large companies and many of the wealthiest individuals in the world are trading forex and making unbelievable returns in the Forex Market.

The problem is that all of these banks and wealthy individuals have hired professional traders that do countless hours of studying graphs, trend charts and are up to date on any news that can effect the Forex Market and place their trades accordingly.

So how can the average person that can not afford to pay these professionals start trading in the Forex Market?

FreedomRocks has taken the guesswork out of investing. They are teaching the average investor with little or no experience how to take advantage of the Forex Market by using their Automated Trading System.

Founder, Mark Vincellette, developed the original FreedomRocks technology in the 1980’s, originally to help him trade his own personal portfolio of stocks and mutual funds, while pursuing his career in Information Technology and Management Consulting.

Mark’s personal vision was to create a unique and proprietary technology that would take the complications and the guesswork out of investing and allow the individual investor to control the growth of his or her own portfolio.

Mark saw that the advances in technology and the Internet would make the lucrative and exclusive FOREX market available to the individual investor and realized that his proprietary FreedomRocks GTS technology could revolutionize the FOREX market.

With the GTS technology re-engineered for the FOREX market, Mark was ready to introduce FreedomRocks to the global marketplace. Combining his experience and knowledge, he knew that the best way to introduce this technology to the individual investor would be through the network marketing industry which was experiencing rapid growth on the World Wide Web.

From Las Vegas, Nevada, Mark has recently launched the FreedomRocks enterprise. The marriage of individual investing on the Web combined with network marketing proved to be a winning combination, allowing the company to experience an incredible growth of 40% per month.

FreedomRocks system represents a complete change from traditional Investment practices.

1. No charts or graphs to read

2. No research

3. No signals to watch

4. No experience necessary – a complete beginner can begin trading in a matter of hours

5. Manage a portfolio of any size in 15 – 20 minutes per week

6. Gain more monthly than most banks and mutual funds pay annually

The Concept

FreedomRocks does not teach people how to trade foreign currencies but rather, teaches them how to use proprietary software to set up their own trading account (at the brokerage of their choice) so that it automatically trades currencies for them.

The FreedomRocks Trading System Generates Profit three ways:

1. Buys Low and Sells High

2. Passively Collects Daily Interest

3. Allows you to use Leverage on your Investment

Here are a few testimonials from members of the FreedomRocks Trading System:

“I've been involved with trading in the FOREX market, as well as marketing FOREX educational courses since 2003, and I've seen countless trading systems, signal services, managed accounts, robots, etc., over the past few years.

I can honestly say that I've never seen any other FOREX trading system that compares in simplicity & consistent steady gains as the FreedomRocks trading system. The system requires just minutes a week to operate, you have complete control of your own money & the trading results that we've seen have been stellar! Kudos to Mark Vincellette for bringing the FreedomRocks trading system to the public!”


Pleasanton, TX

“The first time I was first introduced to the FreedomRocks system, it blew me away! I knew about the Forex Market, but had zero experience. Yet, within one day I had my DEMO account setup, my initial portfolio allocated and I was trading and watching my account grow with daily interest deposits.

I don't think there is anything like this in the investing world! FreedomRocks has created a complete system that anyone can (and should) use to improve their investment returns. And to top it off, they've made their system incredibly affordable, even providing a rewards program for sharing this with others (which I would have done anyway). Wow!”

David Natiuk

Marketing Professional


There used to be only two ways to trade money in the Forex Market:

1. Hire a professional trader to trade your money for you. (relinquish control, pay huge fees and pray he knows what he is doing)

2. Learn to trade yourself spending thousands of dollars in education that takes months or years to learn that have a 95% failure rate! (all of those other FOREX programs you might have heard of).

Now, FreedomRocks has introduced a 3rd way to Trade in the Forex Market.

FreedomRocks has a Forex Trading Software that everyone will want and almost no-one knows about yet. This software is fully automated and does 95% of the work for you and takes all the guesswork out of Forex Trading.

To learn more about FreedomRocks, just visit our web site below.

Get The Ivesting Edge With Automated Forex System Trading

Automated Forex system trading involves the use of powerful, yet easy to use trading software called Forex robots. The use of this type investing tool can offer you a distinct edge in planning and managing your Forex market trades.

The advent of forex trading software is one of the reasons that foreign currency exchange (Forex) trading has become so immensely popular. Forex investment software allows the “little guy” to invest $50 to $200 or more and trade like the analysts on Wall Street.

These powerful and flexible software investment tools allow you to carry out your trades from the comfort of your home or office. If you are currently trading Forex by hand, a Forex robot will literally transform the way you invest in the market.

The first step for getting started in automated forex trading is buying forex software. These remarkable software packages are generally referred to as “forex trading robots”.

As if sheer computational and analytical power wasn’t enough, the most recent generation for forex trading robots are equipped with artificial intelligence. This means they actually have the ability to learn forex market trends and patterns.

One of the most critical aspects of automated forex system trading is choosing the right forex software system. Start with solid trading software, add your own knowledge and technique, and you can be well on your way to some nice profits.

The next step is to subscribe to a forex data service. These data services provide you with real-time foreign exchange market data. This is the data that will be computed and manipulated by your forex robot software. The goal is to spot potentially profitable market entry points and exit points.

Manual Forex trading doesn’t even come close to the efficiency offered by these Forex robots. If your intention is to get started in the Forex market the right way, you will do well to choose automated Forex trading.