HiRider Forex Robot Vs LMD – Multicurrency – Which is Better?

The Forex Robot World Cup is over after a suspenseful two months. What suspense? You may be asking. After all, the difference between the 1st place winner LMD-Multicurrency and the 2nd place winner HiRider Forex Robot was pretty significant: LMD MultiCurrency earned a return of 145.60% while Hirider earned just an 88.11% profit. No contest, right?

If you just look at the bottom line, and I do not blame you if you do, then it's really no contest. However, allow me to remind one of the basic rules of investment: a return should be judged in relation to the risk involved. The reason is that while a risky investment can yield a tremendous profit some times it can also quickly turn against you and wipe out your profits. The same is true for Forex trading robots. You do not just want a robot that can turn a quick profit. You want a program that's safe to use. After all, this will be trading even when you sleep. You do not want to wake up to a nightmare, do you?

This brings me back to the two top robots of the FRWC. While there is just one winner, it was determined by the profit alone. There was no determination of the risk at all. While this may have been enough for most traders, there are some who took a closer look at how these two bots did.

When you look at the charts of these two robots side by side, you can quickly see how different they are. While the chart of the LMD-Mutilcurrency is all over the place with big ups and downs throughout the…


Lmd Multicurrency Overview – How Did It Receive one hundred forty five.60% On The Frwc Level of competition?

The FRWC (Forex trading Robotic Entire world Cup) took the whole buying and selling earth by storm as it embarked on obtaining the finest and most dependable buying and selling robots in the earth. Now the opposition is over and we have a winner: the LMD Multicurrency buying and selling robot which gained a one hundred forty five.60% revenue.

This is just not backtesting benefits or something that you need to settle for at experience worth. These benefits were obtained on the are living buying and selling account at the FRWC. You can examine out the benefits below:

LMT Multicurrency Benefits

In a exclusive interview that the administrators of the Forex trading Robotic Entire world Cup held with Drazen Ziskovic at his home in Croatia, they introduced him with the to start with prize cash of $100,000 and talked with him about the robot.

Drazen has numerous several years worth of expertise in Forex trading buying and selling and robot enhancement but this model of the LMD Multicurrency was formulated specifically for the FRWC and has under no circumstances been unveiled to the public in advance of.

This is a robot that is primarily based on intricate chart pattern recognition algorithms which Drazen Ziskovic formulated, examined, and tweaked himself. It is effective on several currency pair simultaneously which permits a better degree of threat diversification than you would have had with a one currency and so a tiny more threat is taken.

The benefits are practically nothing less than astounding: one hundred forty five.60% in the two months of the opposition. Not lousy for a guy who has under no circumstances even marketed this robot to any person.

Now, you can watch a exclusive interview with Drazen and master how this now famous Forex trading trader prospects his daily life and what he options to do with the cash he won in the opposition.

Click below to watch the interview with Drazen Ziskovic

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