Tadawul FX Launches New Market News & Economic Calendar.

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, June 7 /PRNewswire/ — As an online forex broker,

Tadawul FX, also known as TDFX, places great importance on providing its

clients with Forex industry news and educational resources and the

company has recently announced some important changes to their market

information services.

Tadawul FX is fast becoming a key global player in the online

commodity and forex trading industry. Offering both online and mobile

MT4 trading, a competitive introducing broker partnership and an

excellent Islamic trading environment, TDFX focuses on great customer

service and its core values of honesty, clarity and integrity.

Within the newly revamped Market News section, Tadawul FX now

provides clients with even more insightful information, with technical

analysis on all major currency pairs, as well as crude oil, gold and

silver. The new Market News is updated twice daily and is currently now

available online and soon also as a subscription service to all account

holders and visitors to the website. Speaking of the new services,

Thomas Papantoniou, Executive Director says: “These updates provide

a key asset, giving an edge to our traders, whilst doubling as an

important educational resource.”

The other key market information service also recently updated is

the TDFX Economic Calendar. The upgraded eCalendar now offers real-time

updates regarding worldwide market announcements, intuitive reports on

the meaning and effect of these announcements, history reports, historic

charts and data trends. Furthermore, being customizable, it allows for

choice of announcements per country and per category.

Thomas says: “The new customizable eCalendar services allows

for a personalized interface and update medium which can be tailored to

best suit each user’s preferences and needs individually, making it

extremely user friendly and an ideal strategy and decision-making tool

for trading.”

A further bonus to all live account clients is also scheduled to go

live in the coming week. This includes the introduction of free signals

on major currency pairs, gold, silver and crude oil, with alerts being

received up to 7 times daily directly in the MetaTrader 4 trading

platform, further enhancing an already feature-rich tool for


To open a live trading account with Tadawul FX, traders simply

complete the TDFX online live account application form. For more

information and to access these newly launched services please visit


About Tadawul FX:

Tadawul FX, also known as TDFX, is an online forex and commodity

trading broker offering forex, CFDS and indices trading. TDFX is

licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange

Commission (license number 103/09) and is also registered with the UK

Financial Services Authority (FSA) with registration number 516667, as

well as the German regulators BAFIN (Reg 123252).

For more information, visit www.tadawulfx.com or contact Tadawul

FX at support@tadawulfx.com or telephone: +357 25 200 920.


Are The Long-term Forex Charts Easier To Trade?

One of the main reasons why people are drawn to forex trading is because the volatility of the major currency pairs makes it possible to trade the markets on an intraday basis. Indeed many people generate some decent returns from day trading the forex markets, but in my opinion you should always focus on finding a profitable long-term trading system as well.

In relation to the forex markets, long-term generally refers to trades that last anything from a few hours up to a few days, weeks or months, and in my view if you use the 4 hour charts and upwards, then you are a long-term trader.

I always believe that if you only focus on short-term intraday trading methods, then you are taking undue risks and are missing out on lots of profitable trading opportunities. Of course it’s possible to make money trading the 1, 5 and 15 minute charts, for example, and indeed I trade these time frames myself on occasions, but it’s much easier to trade the longer time frames.

The reason why it’s easier is simply because you avoid much of the random price movements that occur on these shorter time frames. Therefore trends are much more clearly defined and therefore easier to trade.

Furthermore the longer the time frame you use, the greater profits you can make because the trends are obviously so much greater. If you wanted to you could easily make some decent profits trading EMA crossovers (such as the EMA (5) crossing the EMA (20)) on the weekly or monthly charts. The only drawback is that this requires a lot of patience and you need to use quite a large stop loss to allow the position to unwind, which may not be ideal for beginners.

However it is a very profitable way of trading the markets. I personally like to trade the 4 hour and daily charts to trade the major currency pairs. I use the daily chart to identify the current trend and then use the 4 hour chart to find opportunities to enter a position in the same direction as this trend.

This method works extremely well for me and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s certainly a lot easier, and generally a lot more profitable, than trying to trade the 1 minute or 5 minute charts, for instance, which whipsaw all over the place.

So to sum up, even if you do like to trade the shorter time frames, I would still think about trying to find a longer term strategy that you can use as well because these longer time frames are so much easier to trade.

Secret Forex Income Scam Or Golden Knowledge?

Does Secret Forex Income Really Work?

Numerous people are searching for a quick and straightforward system to make income from Forex Trading. The Secret Forex Income System has been produced by a real life trader who has made a fortune on the Nasdaq. The technique has then been advanced and finely tuned using the matching strategies that help make him a killing in the first case. Now this info is available and below in this review of secret forex Income I look at what benefit it could be to traders of all experience levels.

The method can be adapted irrespective of whether you are simply starting out or you are already highly skillful in forex trading. This is possible since it is easy to put into practice and does not insist you to be always surveying the trades. As of the nature of the system you are able to continue your day to day schedule with occasional chart studying searching for positive signals before placing trades. It is a technique that affords you a lot of free time and can even be performed in conjunction with your normal job. The time essential to perform the system can be as small as half an hour per day. The system will aid you understand the exact moment in time to perform your trade.

The method can be used for several of the major currency pairs and due to it being entirely automatic there is no for you to have carry out expert analysis of the current markets. The Secret Forex System will by design do nearly all the work for you.

The system incorporates two extremely potent “breakout” methods which can be employed irrespective of the case that the market is increasing or falling.

The information is divided into six chapters with the first chapter acting as a basic introduction for those who are new to forex trading. Detailing the differences relating to the forex market and the stockmarket such as the 24 hour character of forex trading. The 2nd chapter examines the basics of what is required to execute a successful trade. It furthermore looks at the language you must to be informed of to be a trader,listing the currency pairs and the various trading methods commonly employed.

As the book progresses the content becomes gradually more complex and valuable for more experienced traders. The book emphasizes the importance of being a technical trader and in order to be profitable you ought to be regimented. The Pip predictor system is presented with the rules you ought to understand to make it work successfully. The trading techniques you need to be successful in the forex market are outlined in detail nonetheless also in a way that can be simply comprehended and put into action.

The Secret Forex Income method has some groundbreaking trading techniques that I’m convinced will be of profit to traders of all stages. In terms of value the product measures up well with a relatively minor one fee with no additional subscription fees like many other products of this style in the forex market. You may possibly wish to take advantage of the current discounted fee which could be subject to an escalation at any time.

The Secret Forex Income System also comes with a 60 day full guarantee. This time-frame affords you a good length to time to find out how efficient the trading system is performing for you which leaves you in a no lose position. The Secret Forex Income system can be downloaded instantly with no waiting for dispensing. This means you can get started immediately putting into practice the dynamic trading techniques and start making profit immediately. I hope this review of Secret Forex Income has proved beneficial with regards to Secret Forex Income Review Best Trading Software. Click the link below to ascertain more and get access to the Secret Forex Income System.

FOREX Analysis Site Makes Online Debut

(PRWEB) May 2, 2005

ForeignmarketWatch.com makes its online debut as a leading information site covering the Foreign Currency Exchange (FOREX) Market as well as global financial markets, including Japan, London, Euro-zone, and China.

ForeignmarketWatch.com was established to help currency traders, as well as investors, make more well-informed decisions. By combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis provided by the site, forex traders may have a potential advantage. Joshua M. Kunken, founder of ForeignmarketWatch.com, states: “We are pleased to provide our visitors with timely and relevant information that is useful for professional currency traders as well as equity investors alike. Currency fluctuation, as well as interest rates, affect nearly every type of investment. Keeping abreast of this information may help in hedging such risk.” Articles and featured analyses are arranged on the site in a clean and user-friendly format right alongside foreign exchange rates and other information.

Features of ForeignmarketWatch.com include up-to-date foreign exchange rates, global market indices, forex news, as well as analysis and commentary. Previous feature articles include commentary on China’s potential revaluation of the yuan (renminbi), the potential hike in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve, and the gradual rise in the value of the euro against the value of the US dollar. All major currency pairs are fair game: from EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, to several others.

ForeignmarketWatch.com also offers daily writeups of currency analysis and commentary on the major currency pairs in addition to a considerable amount of information for beginning currency traders, including a free newsletter. The free newsletter consists of a recap of the previous week’s events and economic indicators and their relation to the foreign exchange market.

ForeignmarketWatch.com welcomes beginners as well as seasoned currency traders alike. The site looks forward to strengthening its reputation as a leading foreign exchange (FOREX) information site with plenty of articles, analyses, and commentary for investors from all walks of life.