A Three Dimensional Approach To Forex Trading

Price: $29.99 - $24.31

$29.99 - $24.31

If you aspire to becoming a full time trader, then this is the book for you. Even if your dream is perhaps more modest, and you simply want to have a second income trading the markets, then again, this book is for you. It has been written with one clear objective in mind. To explain how and why currencies move in the way that they do, using the combined power of relational, technical and fundamental analysis. Combine this with a three dimensional approach to trading itself, using multiple time frames and multiple chart analysis, and the world of foreign exchange will become crystal clear. Many aspiring traders, simply do not realize that the market sits at the heart of the financial world, which, when you think about it logically, is really common sense. After all, this is the biggest money market in the world, and if the financial markets are about one thing, they are about money. Making it, protecting it, or increasing the return. It’s no surprise therefore, that the market connects all the others. It is the central axis of the financial world, around which all the others spin. In the book, you will discover how changes in market sentiment in the primary markets of commodities, stocks, bonds and equities, are then reflected in the currency markets. This is something which often surprises novice traders. After all, why look at a stock index, or the price of gold, or a bond market? The answer is very simple. It is in these markets where you…

How Does the News Affect the Forex Market?

Big movements in currencies are usually driven by big stories in the financial markets and the direction of interest rates. For example, in the US, the Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen will be leaving her post in 2018 and a new Fed, Jerome Powell has been appointed by the President. The changes in economic policies and ideologies between the exiting Chairperson and the incoming one will have an impact in the foreign exchange market.

The Big Stories

When it comes to the financial markets, staying on top of the big stories is critical to your success as a trader. For example, when Great Britain voted to exit the European Union (EU), most financial markets worldwide saw tremendous swings downward in reaction to the vote. While this was an extraordinary event, we cannot dismiss the events that can have a profound impact on the value of a currency. These events include but are not limited to the following:

Potential or actual changes in government

Economic crisis

Major announcements by finance ministers and central bankers

Intervention by central banks

Wars and terrorism

Natural disasters

Economic policies by different countries

In recent years, we have seen many events that have drastically affected the currency markets. The Euro was drastically devaluated with England’s vote to exit the EU. The world economy was affected when the Greek government was a the verge of bankruptcy. The Venezuelan Bolivar has been rendered almost worthless by their economic policies. These are just a few…