Forex Trading Software

Forex is one of those things that are becoming more and more popular among those who want to make solid amount of money in a year or two. And since changing the money on your own and looking after the news and speculations all the time can take you a lot of time people have started to use software that helps people at forex trading.

There are a lot of online software trading platforms that match different people, ones are made for experts and the others are meant to be used by complete beginners. The important thing or at least a very good thing before going on a forex market is to be familiar with the platform (software) you will be using. Since you are not allowed to make a mistake and lose money, you should first try out a demo version of a platform (if available) or check out the complete system that your friend is using. From the experience of people that I know the best platform to start with, is Meta Trader 4. People like it because of its simplicity of use and available demo platform version. Others that have started with platform called VT Trader say, that it took them quite some time to get on with all the options but once they found out how everything stands they did not have any problems with it and prefer it over Meta Trader 4.

After all the platform or software that you are using isn’t as important as the money you can make changing currencies. Find the platform that suits you and good luck.

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GLOBAL-FOREX Established an Innovative Environment for Online Transaction with Its Auto-Trading System | Business Wire

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A multinational financial broker, Global-Forex, has been drawing

attention as it provides various online trading environments.

Global-Forex is specialized in international financial services and was

founded by a team consisting of experts in software and foreign exchange

specialists in 2010.

It provides the Auto-trading system (ATS) for foreign exchange margin

trading, EFT and CFD through Meta Trader 4 Platform with multi-language

services. Including language support service, Global-Forex plans to

provide various services for international clients.

The traders can check the offering price easily and proceed with the

trading at the best price through Global-Forex’s electronic

communication network (ECN) on Meta Trader 4 Platform (MT4). In

addition, the fast execution of the transaction and low spreads have

been acclaimed by many traders. As one of the brokers of ECN,

Global-Forex contributes to improving the transparency of the

participation of the clients by providing unprocessed spreads to the


Furthermore, ATS (auto-trading system) of Global-Forex can be operated

24/7 because the system is capable of analyzing data, figuring out the

dealing time and proceeding with the trading automatically. The other

feature of the system is that it chooses and employs ten-twenty

appropriate methods for each item. A hedge, minimizing a drawdown in the

starting position, occurs, and the hedging based on the value of

analysis with the system enables to continue generating profit.


has been recruiting the managers who are in charge of providing

additional services to international clients, and there are six

positions from “Entrant manager” to “Global manager”. Since everyone can

have the opportunity for the position regardless of their age and they

can also work as a freelancer, many office workers show their interest

in the job.

There are various promotions for the clients and the managers, such as a

promotion giving the prize to managers who attract many clients, Hall of

Fame reflecting the profits, the discount commission based on the number

of members. And the company is planning to hold a demo contest which

requires to use a demo account.

Forex Trading Tips – Think Pips

Many new traders are attracted to the Forex market because it provides unlimited profit potential… a good trader can make anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a tens of thousands of dollars of profits in a single day. Unfortunately because of this way of thinking, many new traders mistakenly use dollar amounts to measure the success of a trader.

But while dollar amounts of profits can be a general indicator of trading success, a more accurate measure would be the number of pips made by the trader. Allow me to explain why…

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Forex Auto Pilot, Been Around 9 Years, 93% Successful Trades

Summary: Forex Auto Pilot is an old, and well established work-horse. 93). It is the cheapest I’ve seen so far. Downside is that when it makes a loss, it is a big loss. I’ve seen it make 20 $20 profits in a row, then make 1 $200 loss. I’m not saying “no” to it – I’m probably only saying maybe – or “definitely yes” if you also buy Fap Winner so that they can advise you on the best settings to run it with. $97 – 60 days money back guarantee.

Forex Auto Pilot was a sophisticated automated Forex trading robot in its day.

Now the vendor pushes more his Fap Turbo product – at double the money. Forex Auto Pilot has been around a long time – 9 years. And it has the largest user base of 37,000 installs.

It runs on the Meta Trader 4 platform. Fully automated as the name implies, the robot makes it ideal for people looking to profit without spending hundreds of hours at their computers learning Forex.

Forex Auto Pilot, like all Expert Advisors is a custom set of trading rules to be executed when it sees certain trading conditions are met. If it does not recognise market conditions it likes, it does nothing.

So you install MetaTrader4 (free), and copy the Forex Auto Pilot file to the experts folder in MetaTrader4 (MT4), click a few buttons and you are up and running.

That’s the beauty of the MT4 metatrader platform. You can have multiple Forex Robots, each working a different chart – each chart working a different currency pair. A copy of Meta Trader 4 is included with Forex Auto Pilot, and the first thing metatrader does on start-up is check if it is the latest version.

With Forex Auto Pilot everything comes set at “default” and you are recommended to leave them that way until you have tested it on a demo account/s with your broker or brokers of choice. Leaving it to run while you read the user guide and other forex materials is interesting and fun.

Here are some details worth keeping in mind as you consider Forex Auto Pilot.

The user’s guide is 74 pages and is well written. It steps you through the installation and activation of the software quite nicely. Also on how to back test it against historical data. Back testing does confirm similar results as those claimed on the sales page. But back testing is not everything – nothing like live testing to know for sure, which is why demo accounts exist.

After purchase you’ll also receive an ebook to understand the mechanics of the Forex market. This book is a general guide to Forex and can be used with any forex system.

The retail price of $97 USD is probably fair – it is old, and there are better Forex robots around. When I say it is old, it works on the most up-to-date trading platform – MT4.

And trading strategies are timeless. However, algorithms developed by people over time do improve. New strategies do get developed.

Universally true for all reviews on this website – all Forex robots come with an 8 weeks unconditional 100 of profitable trades is incredibly high – though not as high as others. And it does incur some pretty large open trade draw downs (DD) to achieve this. What this means is that while it may have closed the trade at a profit, during the life of the trade maybe the market went against it and the trade was in the red (loss) for sometime before returning to close at its profit.

However, historical tests would indicate that over the long haul the many small wins will out pace the few large loses provided you’re willing to ride out the losing trades.

Although Forex Auto Pilot does place ‘take profit’ orders at 20 pips to ensure it captures some profit when it occurs, it does not use protective stops to protect your down side.

The documentation strongly recommends AGAINST adjusting the stop and take profit levels. I find this to be of concern – but when tried, it does indeed degrade performance.

Regarding position size, the default is to use a fixed position size rather than a fixed percentage position size.

This is not the best way to do it as it not only increases your risk per trade after each losing trade, but it also slows account growth after wining trades.

It is much better to have it set as a percentage of your available account size. Then as your balance grow, profits grow too by being compounded.

A fixed percentage of your account will adjust the position size up and down as the account grows or shrinks and is generally a better idea. And you can set Forex Auto Pilot to use a fixed percentage but this is not the default.


It’s old, its solid, its proven. It has the largest user base out there, and has a private member forum for advice and support (moderated so that you cannot complain about it). Forex Auto Pilot is not a “must have” in your arsenal – but as an entry level expert advisor Forex robot – you could do a lot worse. The occasional large losses are compensated for by the many smaller profits. $97 – full 60 day money back guarantee.

But I strong recommend that you also buy the Fap Winner silver membership to get the most out of Forex Auto Pilot. See the most up to date review of this robot at