The Five (5) Minute Trading System

My main objective for filling this report is to expose to all our readers FX solution, key philosophies, principles and psychology required not just to survive, but win the Forex Trading Battle. In all my efforts to come up with better strategies for trading news events more profitably, I think this one has given me so much leverage over most strategies I have used in the past. The fun thing here is not necessarily the profit but the time and efforts required to make such returns with well calculated and minimized risks giving just a fraction of my time.

Anyone familiar with the Forex market will tell you it can often be time consuming, so heart breaking and too risky. There is no doubt the market is very risky, but the 5 minutes News Trading Strategy exposures how all these can be taken care of with relative ease.

Introduction to the 5 minutes News trading Strategy

The 5 minutes News Trading Strategy belongs to the 5 minutes trader. Here is a trader that who organizes himself so well that he does not allow his trading result pose a problem to him; whether he is winning or losing. One thing I have enjoyed with this strategy is the fun of not having to stay in any trade for longer that 5 minutes. Could you imagine this: You have reviewed your economic calendar and found out that a news event is coming out from say, Australia at 2:30 am (Nigeria time), you set your alarm clock to wake you up at 2:22 am. At 2:22 am your alarm clock rings and you are awake. …