Complete Currency Trader: Review Examining James Edward’s Forex Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 18, 2013

Complete Currency Trader, a currency trading program that bills itself as a ‘no risk, guaranteed solution’ and has gotten the trading world abuzz with interest has caught the attention of’s Stan Martin, prompting an investigative review.

“An extremely limited offer, Complete Currency Trader is a program that is all about the practical side of trading. It takes everything you've ever learned, and shows you how to best put this into practice. It gives traders a huge advantage because they understand how the market works on a fundamental level,” reports Stevenson. “All the modules in this program provide you with the answers to pretty much every question you've ever wanted to ask about trading Forex. This includes why and how to trade, microstructures, volatility, probabilities, outcome maximization, risk management, technical analysis and much, much more.”

The Complete Currency Trader reviewshows it includes a comprehensive Forex education and training system, live action videos with a superb Q&A session on each one, market analysis software, professional private fund speculative trading system, automated trading tools that include multiple Forex indicators which increase the likelihood of making substantial profits than with programs that only use one or two different indicators. The training system is provided in a 6 module, progressive development course that is not only easy to follow but also provides some of the most in-depth information regarding the fundamental approach to successful trading.

“Delivered by mail to your door, Complete Currency Trader includes no cheap downloads that aren't worth the time it takes to watch them. When done correctly, trading Forex really does offer the best opportunity for sustained profits and prosperity and this program shows you how to tap into this lucrative method of trading,” says Stevenson. “It is one of the most transparent and easy to follow methods of trading that we've come across. No matter what your experience in trading Forex, you can easily follow this clever and pretty unique method of trading. This program goes deep into how trading Forex works; it not only shows you how to trade, but describes exactly why you need to take the actions that you do.”

“Complete Currency Trader is a program that really does provide what the clever marketing promises, that’s for sure. There’s no denying that James Edward certainly has a trading track record that most of us would kill for. He really provide a means whereby the average guy (or gal) on the street can duplicate this. What this currency trading program offers is a truly professional learning tool that shows you how the big boys trade, and why they’re so successful in what they do. The sales presentation is only available for a very short time. The program will fit in with your lifestyle and change it for the better with the profits it will bring you!”

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Scientific Forex: Review Examining Cristina Ciurea’s Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 23, 2013

Scientific Forex that claims to teach people how to trade the biggest market in the world with an accuracy so precise that they will be able to trade when they want to, and still run the kids to school has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative Scientific Forex review.

“Cirurea’s methods account for the mathematical and statistical order in the Forex market. Scientific Forex works time and time again, even against more than 2000 other traders in a competition. It is totally unique,” reports Stevenson. “This system is based on scientific knowledge and used a scientific approach to make trading simple and easier to do. People can trade Scientific Forex with a full time job; it does not matter what platform they use, because this system uses standard indicators that can be found in any platform.”

Scientific Forex the trading manual, 4 DVDs, Scientific Forex (Elliott Wave Prophet) software, a training lab 24/7 support center and best of all, lifetime access to Ciurea’s Training Lab. The training lab there is a members-only area with lifetime access to updates, newest materials, scheduled webinars, more videos, and a whole lot more; all for a one-time fee only. The number of trades depends on the timeframe people choose to trade; they can have at least 1 to 15 trades a day.

“Scientific Forex is a very visual system and all the signals are on the chart. Any new trader can learn to trade the system. The system uses standard indicators, so whatever platform people use is not an issue. Although, the bonus software that Cristina Ciurea gives away can be used on MT4 platforms only, since it is the most common platform used by traders,” reports Stevenson. “The biggest difference between Scientific Forex and other systems is that Cristina was hands-on in developing and testing my system, so she knows it inside out. People can trade any currency pair and they don't need much money at all to get started.”

“The Scientific Forex is a manual trading system that comes with automated software to help you identify your signals to trade. Many brokers offer “micro accounts” with a minimum deposit of as little as $250. You can even demo trade until you feel confident if you like. The system can identify both trend following signals and trend reversals and can be traded in a variety of time frames. It can be considered a scalping system, if you use it in shorter time frames and an intraday system, if you trade in the 1 hour or 4 hour timeframes. Cristina Ciurea has proven her dominant standing in the Forex trading business. She founded it deep and strong, so you can be the next Surefire Trading Challenge champion.”

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Currency Investor’s Club: Review Examining Cecil Robles’ Program Released by

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 01, 2013

With the state of the economy in free fall, the Currency Investor’s Club that offers people membership to an exclusive group who literally understand what’s going on in the financial world, giving them a real opportunity to plan for the future, and prosper with it has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“If you truly understand the market moves, strategic trades, and exactly how and when to enter and exit, then the profits you can draw in can literally be phenomenal. You not only need to trade Forex if you want to truly profit, but you should also follow other strategic avenues of wealth that will also have the very best chance of swelling the coffers of your bank account,” reports Stevenson. “Average guys (and even a large proportion of professional traders) have absolutely no idea about these vital components. But, with the Currency Investor’s Club, you’ll get all this information, and more.”

As a member of Currency Investor’s Club, people learn all about Forex Trading in the 21st Century, EFT, Commodities and Precious Metal Trades, Alternative Investments and Asset Protection Strategies, Access to Trading and Investing Tools including broker score cards, unbiased product reviews, and other valuable investing resources; literally a free rein to access Cecil’s own educational tools, and much more.

“Cecil Robles is one of the best Forex traders around today. Discovering the world of currency trading, he decided that it was time to learn from the experts, and so followed with one of the world’s veteran trading masters, gaining over a quarter of a century of experience in this way.,” says Stevenson. “You get to literally duplicate the experience of over 35 years of trading masters, which makes Currency Investor’s Club suitable for traders of any level – even if this is your very first foray into the Forex market.”

“If you want to secure your financial future, or perhaps have dreams of ditching the 9-5 and truly making money trading Forex, or simply want to gain some additional income trading part time. Currency Investor’s Club is exactly the exclusive group that you need to be a member of No matter how much time you have or don’t have to devote to your trading, it can, and will, work in your favor. Currency Investor’s Club is literally a way to ride on the coat tails of its producer, and raking up the same profits as a guy who’s been in the game for a decade, and who in turn learned everything from one of the global masters of the game.”

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Tom Flora’s Forex Robot Exposed in Tom's EA Review

Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 28, 2013

Tom’s EA, a trading robot that removes emotions, one of the biggest reasons that humans fail to continuously make a profit while trading Forex, has caught the attention of Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“There is no trading blind with Tom’s EA because it gives you all the information you need to know whenever you want it. You can look at the charts and graphs yourself if you want to (which most of us are inclined to do), and eventually you will gain trust in the software and let it do its thing,” reports Stevenson. “It has been proven time and time again – the best way to make money, and a lot of it, is to use automated systems that do the work for you. Tom’s EA is a Forex trading robot that doesn't just work in the short term, but automatically gives you results in the long term as well.”

After the Tom's EA review it was found that it offers the ability to trade with any broker that offers the Metatrader 4 Platform as well as the ability to trade in preferred currency pairs including EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY and AUD/NZD, which helps to increase the chances of winning by creating four additional stacked trades. Users get a sense of relief when it comes to glitches, downtime, or power outages along with the ability to make trades even more profitable with hedging strategies. There is a member’s only area where people can receive training on how to install and run the software program, complete guidance on risk management guidelines, get software, and receive full documentation.

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“Monthly profits between 6-10% are very realistic, making Tom's EA a profit machine that nobody we know could resist. The software is based on a proven system, that doesn't just claim that it is proven but provides the proof as well. You don’t have to purchase it outright; you can lease the software on a month by month basis, which gives you the ability to cut out whenever you want,” says Stevenson. “You don’t have to devote a ton of energy and time to this software, which gives you the ability to earn money in other ways.”

“Our Tom’s EA review shows it is a ‘robot’ that delivers on its promises. We hope you jump in and take advantage of what Tom is offering you, because we know the rewards will enrich your life because we are always supportive of any system that allows us to exert less time and energy, but receive more reward. Our prediction is that you are going to love it too, and find the success you have been wanting with it. Unlimited support allows you to get all of your questions answered and you are also given the ability to interact with others who are using the system. Tom’s EA may be the best investment you ever make while helping you free up your time and effort!”

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