Automated Forex Robot Trading – Which Forex Robot is the Best of All?

Automated Forex is big business and there are numerous ones for sale and the vast majority lose, so let find the minority that win and the best robot…

We will look at our best trading system in a moment but first lets look at the Forex robot industry as a whole.

The phrase Forex robots or Expert Advisors are new phrases, until recently automated software was simply called a trading system – but marketing needs a catchy name, so trading systems are now known as robots or and the fact is any system that carries these names and has hyped advertising copy will lose you money.

The claims are laughable – double your money each month, 90% accuracy and little or no drawdown and you only pay a hundred dollars or so, you know he claims are not true and so do most sensible people. These systems never produce an independent track record of gains – Why? Because these systems have never made any money long term.

The best Forex Robot Trading System

It’s a free one and it doesn’t actually call itself a robot, but it is an automated trading system and it does make money and has for over 25 years. Many of the pro traders use it and even trading legends like Richard Dennis admired it, so if you use it your in good company.

It’s called the 4 Week Rule and was devised by trading legend Richard Donchian.

It only has one rule and here it is:

Buy a new 4 week high – hold it. Wait for new 4 week low to be hit, then close the long and go short. Simply keep keying off new…

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FAP Turbo Review – Forex Robot Trading System

Does the Forex system FAP Turbo programmed by Steve, Mike and Ulrich really work or is it just another fake and overhyped piece of program? An automated system can provide many advantages to the human trader. It allows the trader to trade with discipline and not be affected by his or her emotions. Secondly, it also provides a proven and proven strategy designed by professional Forex traders. This means that any currency trader, whether experienced or not, can download and install the software to profit immediately.

The Restrictions of FAP Turbo and Automatic Forex Robots in General

Even though all currency trading robots that you see online will show profitable back test results, I have discovered that many of them do not work when traded live because many factors and parameters work differently in a live account. Therefore it is important that you do extensive research and look for positive testimonials before you invest in any Forex system. If you already have an existing trading account with a Forex broker, it is important that you ensure that the robot that you want to use can run on the trading platform that your broker supports. For example, the FAP Turbo runs on the Metatrader4 platform and you will need to use a broker that supports the platform if you want to use the FAP Turbo software.

Downloading and Using FAP Turbo

After downloading and installing the robot, users will be required to configure some…

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Turbo Pip Sniper Review – Automated Robot Trading Forex

Are you looking for more information about the new automated robot trading Forex tool called Turbo Pip Sniper? This owner of this award winning trading software participates in a live Forex trading competition and managed to make 1,306% returns during the one single month of competition.

It was certainly one of the better months for this software, although one could easily see that this trading tool has been making this type of consistent returns even before the competition.

1. When Was The Turbo Pip Sniper Software Created and Does It Really Work?

Turbo Pip Sniper first started placing trades from the beginning of the year in 2009. Its owner is an ex-broker who once used to take trades from clients and has seen all the tricks that some brokers use to extract more profits from their clients using dirty tricks and tactics. In fact, Steve has made use of this insider knowledge to create a tool he called Forex Auto Detector Software that can be used to boost any trading robot's performance by at least 53%.

2. How Much Time and Work Do You Need to Commit to Use Turbo Pip Sniper?

There is actually very little need to spend time using this tool as it does most of the work automatically. Additionally, there is no need to have much computer or FX trading experience in order to begin using this tool. Steve has programmed this tool to make most of the decisions.

Of course, as the user of this robot, you will still need to check on its performance and ensure that…


4x Robot Trading Signals Review – RTC Forex

You have every reason nowdays to make sure that your cash flow is well watched and meticulously guarded. Who would not be concerned about his money nowdays when even the largest and used-to-be stable financial institutions were taken by the economic earthquakes we are experiencing right now? Unfortunately, there are times and accidents that technology will be the only way for us to monitor and manage our daily cash flow. Here are some 4x robot trading signals review that may be of help in your search for the most appropriate technology for your craft.

RTC Forex Signal Service prides itself in assuring its subscribers of reliable and accurate signals for their need to have accurate information at different parts of the day, wherever they may be. Since RTC's team are scattered around the globe, the customers can be assured of the team's continuous efforts to make sure that the signals get to you at any time of the day. This may come in handy most especially for the jetsetters who would want to monitor their investments at different times since they move from one place to another on different days. According to some 4x robot trading signals review, it also prides itself with two streams of signals that include short-term and long-term strategy yields.

Aside from the basic signals, this provider gives full access to its subscribers of its own trading room. This is where you'll find its traders on shifting schedules to provide round the clock information.



Forex Robot Trading – Is it Safe to Use Forex Robots to Trade the Currency Market?

Over the past few years the one of the biggest trends in investing has been Forex robot trading. Looking at the factors surrounding the idea, you can certainly see why. First we have the explosion of software and technology that has made automated currency trading possible. You have more and more people working from home either by choice or circumstances (layoffs, terminations, desire for more flexibility). And you have the popularity of the Forex market which can be traded 24 hours a day whenever you want.

This has created a "perfect storm", which has seen the rise of the Forex trading robot. But unfortunately there are so many programs out there, it is difficult decide what to choose and if it is even safe to deposit your hard earned money. Well in order to help navigate these waters, let me make some recommendations.

1. Never trade money that you need right now . If you are trading money that you need to make a rent, mortgage, or credit card payment you are playing a losers game. The Forex market should be traded with money you can afford to lose. But the beauty of the market is you only need a few hundred to play, so this makes it possible for just about anyone to try.

2. Paper trade and test before you start the real thing . I often see people buying their software, installing it, and then shooting for the moon right away. This makes Forex investing remarkably UNSAFE. Most automated Forex robots have an option to make paper trades first. This…


Forex Robot Trading – A Sure Fire Way to Lose Your Money Quickly

Forex robot trading is popular but ends in disaster for most Forex traders for the following reasons. The automated route to profit sounds attractive, just pay $ 100 or so sit back and make money with no effort and get an income for life. Anyone who is naïve or stupid enough to try this route to profits, gets taught some respect by the market in the form of an equity wipeout.

You do not get rich with no effort and paying $ 100! If it was that simple to make money everyone would trade and no one would work.

You are going to say, I have seen the track records and all the robots make money!

Sure they do, but dig a little deeper and most Forex Robots present simulated track records backwards knowing the closing prices and that's easy. Others present what they say are real results but without independent verification.

Traders today seem to think they can just walk into Forex markets and make huge gains but the facts show 95% of traders lose and in terms of automated Forex robots its 100%.

To be fair there are some Forex robots that make money but there is not the 100 or 200 buck ones that claim they can double your money every month with no drawdown.

Traders should treat the market with respect and get a decent Forex education and learn skills. This is the way to make money in life and it's the way in Forex trading. If you do this you will find that the rewards for your efforts are huge.


Forex Robot Trading System

If you are a trader you probably know that is difficult to make money in the FX markets. And that's why, robot robot trading systems have been created. Forex Robot Trading Systems have been created to be used by people who do not have the time to learn about trading. This success depends on an accurate and timed analysis of the market and that is exactly what Forexmegatrion does.

Forexmegatrion it's becoming very popular among traders and that's because like its creator said it has a High Winning Rate (95%). This is because robot trading systems works 24/5. Forexmegatrion calculate every position before open it, this is not a game, it does that to reduce the mistake rate.

Forexmegatrion has been created by 2 experts traders. They had been developing this product since 2000, and had conducting back test to create an efficient product. They discover that robots made less mistakes than people, because robots do not have any feelings, they just analyze and execute, meanwhile people mix feelings when they trade. Some benefits of Forexmegatrion are:

* Easy to use: Forexmegatrion is easy to use, even beginners can do it.
* Functionality: The scalper will attempt to perform optimal number of trades. It also use stop loss range to reduce your risk.
* Support: You will have unlimited email support to answer all your questions. Also they help you open an account. They will help you in english or spanish, for all those latin traders.

I really…

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Forex Robot Trading System – 10 Things You Need to Know

A Forex robot trading system is a computer program that trades unattended on the Foreign Exchange. The computer monitors the market 24 hours a day making trades when the timing is perfect, even when you're sleeping. And you do not get stressed out because the computer is making all the hard decisions. A Forex robot trading system is a great tool, but there are 10 things you need to check before choosing a vendor.

1 – Vendor guarantee and refund policy – You want a 60 day refund policy that offers your complete satisfaction or complete refund. A 60 day refund policy means that you have 60 days to determine if the product is right for you.

2 – Installation should be fast and easy. Most vendors allow you to download the program and get started immediately. Any problem with the installation is a red flag to me and could indicate more problems later.

3 – Does the Forex robot trading system have a quick start video to get you up and running right away? A video or audio clip is a big help for any areas that you do not understand. The best software will have the right amount of help in the places where you need it.

4 – The program should be simple to navigate and easy to understand. Does it make sense to you? Is it easy to move through the different screens? Do you understand the commands?

5 – Logic is the brain of the program and makes all of the decisions. These decisions are based on set of rules. Who designed the rules and what are they modeled after?…


Forex Robot Trader – Review

A farsighted businessman who manages his personal finances with the help of an automated software is called the robot trader. A common man totally ignorant of the global market, as well as the highly professional currency trader can enhance his wealth with the use of the relevant software. A robot trader protects the user during the different market set backs and help them to earn huge profits.It does not give into any emotional stress and does not react when faced with volatile situations.The added stop-loss feature stabilizes the chances of gain . Until the Forex Robot trading came into picture, people depended on professional trading houses to make gains. The chances of loss was also many fold.

The robot trader falls under the sword of the critics. Some systems are considered as a scam. This happens when people get carried away by spurious claims and phantoms directed by the developer. Many an intelligent successful investors updates himself from the reviews of first hand investors with sustainable profits and chose to withstand the difficult conditions ..

The Forex trader forum is an organization floated by the developers of the software to help the members to voice their opinion regarding the working of the particular system, Sometimes the answers to their questions will also be accepted by the members. In short they will be protected to a large amount from scams.

Free robot trading is called the breakout system which ensures…

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