Breaking the Myth About Forex Software and Robots

“If I could only find the best Forex software out there…I’m sure I’ll be earning a full time income and I could finally quit that boring day job!”

Believe it or not, that’s how many Forex traders – newcomers and veterans in the biz think of fx robots. Unfortunately, that’s NOT the way it works! Forex isn’t about finding and downloading the best programs around, which would clear up the mysteries surrounding the currency you’re focusing on.

True, trading robots are made to help us with our daily Forex trading efforts. After all, it’s impossible for one to keep up with all of the minute-changes and updates going on at the Forex market on his own.

These pieces software are meant to keep up with the latest changes and notify you about it. With the parameters and conditions you give to it, the program will decide whether it should trade for you or not…or see if you’re about to gain or lose money from a transaction and will act accordingly.

And that brings us to an important point – it still needs input from you!

Robots, without the parameters you set, are pretty much like top-tier and high-end cars like a Ferrari. They’re beautiful, jam-packed with features, etc. BUT they’re useless without the driver.

And how are you going to manage your piece of software – adjust the options, set the parameters, deal with the features, etc. if you don’t know even a single thing about Forex or your market?

If you can’t trade successfully and profitably on your own, if you don’t have even the…


You Don’t Have to Be An Investment Genius To Make Serious Money Using Forex Robots

If you go on the net searching for robots to use on an FX trading platform, you won’t want for options.

The vast majority of these don’t deliver the results, are poorly supported and loads are outright ripoffs. A select few – which are not known to many – however, are legacy systems, even turnkey solutions to help new comers and experts alike trade safely and profitably.

No guesses as to which ones you want to be searching for then…

By making use of robots to trade forex, you can easily build a serious fortune. Robots do 97 per cent of the decision making that goes into identifying trades, weighing odds, working out options, opening and selling positions.

They’re automated and allow traders to stay in the market for as long as they choose, be in more markets and most importantly bring in more profit.

Why do I like forex robots so much? Please allow me to expand.

Once you’ve found a superior forex robot (more on how later) that’s flexible, capable and has support provided by the creators, you’ve hit the jackpot. Literally.


With forex robots, simplicity is the functional word. These robots come in software packages that you can download right after buying.

You click to download, click to install, you click to modify the settings to what you want them to be and that’s pretty much it. Really! Naturally, you need a little prep in how forex trading works, but compared to what say a bank-employed specialist FX trader has to know, you’re at play school level.

With a pairing…

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Forex Robots – Ten Things to Consider Before Buying Forex Robots

Deciding among the many forex robots and systems available in the market is crucial. These robots are purely automated software, which prime focus is to monitor the market for profitable trades and once a favorable pattern is identified, it makes your currency trades for you. The decision is dictated by their specific design specifications. It is reported that these robots function on specific algorithms.

There is a lot of diversity present among these robots. Every system do not function the same. The design for each system is different. The efficiency of these robots is dependent on their way of construction and the developers. It is very important that you exhibit an immense deal of thoroughness when going a forex robot. If you are a beginner in forex market without any prior experience, these robots can aid you in getting started. And if you are an experience trader, the robots can help eliminate the stress of making your own trades.

Prior to choosing and purchasing a system, you should list the features you are looking for in a robot so that your business requirement can be satisfied. Instead of jumping on the first robot you come across, you should carefully weigh your options before making a choice.

Following are some tips to consider when selecting a forex robot:

1. It is always very advice that you should go through review sites, forex forums and discussion groups. This way you can compare one robot against the other, identifying their…

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Is it Time For You to Use Forex Robots?

A question that any Forex trader really needs to be asking themselves. Hopefully this article will give you a better insight as to what forex robots are and the advantages of using them in your day to day trading activities.

For many investors in the Fx market, the timing of a stock trade can make a difference in whether you make a profit or not and the more tools and information you have at your disposal when researching a trade, your percentages increase in making a successful trade . Would not you agree?

So lets take a basic overview at what a fx software does and how it can possibly benefit you.

But one thing needs to be stated first. Remember's not going to be the final solution. You need to look at it as a tool. And if you do, you need to properly use the tool to get the maximum effect, right? Ok, enough said on that, lets move on.

When you start to investigate trading robots, there are certain things you need to look for. First of all, and what is a key point, is the robot operate 24 hours a day and do it efficiently? No matter how intense you may be, you have to sleep sometime. And this is one of the major advantages of this software, knowing that while you are away, the robot is still performing the work it was designed to do.

Secondly, is it flexible enough that you can set the parameters of the program to your wishes and still have it operate effectively?

As you well know, the mathematics and the algorithms that go into any of robots…

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Fundamentals of Forex Robots – How Do These Forex Robots Work?

Forex traders have been using something called forex robots and most of these traders rely on these machines. They are actually a good way to trade with other robots or people in the market without a human being operating it. Basically, a person would just leave the forex robot running in their computer and, voila! The robot would do all the trading for them.

Actually, forex robots are not brand names. They are a generic or general term for forex software. There are different types of robots out in the market. But to sum it all, these machines help traders to come up with a conclusion wherever when it is the right time to close and open the trade.

Most of these trading experts would show you their paypal account or clickbank account overflowing with money. Yes, it can be true but remember that these experts had done trial and error. Some of them waited for two years before they could find the perfect forex robots, and how it should be manipulated.

This should not serve as a warning, but as a motivation for new foreign exchange traders. Just remember; forex robots are actually there to help you out. But, you should keep in touch with the seller, (most of these sellers have a contact me option on where you have purchased the software.) You may actually surf around the internet; go read some helpful and honest reviews about this software.

It may be a bit bit overwhelming at first, but if you know the fundamentals on where to start, the search for forex

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A Little Advice About Forex Robots

If you understand the principles of a Forex robot, you will be better able to make a decision on whether you want to use one of these, and what sort of robot you should look for. Without doubt, to think that you can set and forget a program, and let it make money for you while you are doing other things is very attractive.

Before making any commitments, you should be aware that there are many claims and misleading statements, particularly on the Internet, and it is up to you to check for yourself every claim on which your choice depends.

For instance, you may have heard that Internet forums are a good place to chat with other users and find out the truth about various topics. Certainly, you can enter various forums and look at the postings, but you may not know who is there out of a genuine spirit to help, and who is really trying to drum up business for their Forex robot. It is easy to assume another identity on the Internet for the purpose of posting good reports, and this is a practice used by many. After all, with the Internet, traffic is the name of the game and one way to generate traffic is to blog or contributes to forums. This is low cost and effective.

There are good robots, there are average robots, and there are probably robots which have been written by disinterested parties with little idea of trading, employed through a job site such as Rentacoder, Guru or Elance. While these job sites have a wealth of talent available, there is a bidding process for the job,…


Forex Robots – Are Forex Robots Good For You?

This is the age where computers and the internet rule. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, our lives, be it in the field of work, education or leisure evolve around technology. It is no wonder then that even the foreign exchange market has been flooded by online software in the form of robots that can help you trade better and reap profits.

The question to ask yourself is whether these robots are good for you. On the one hand, they seem to be a great asset as they run on autopilot. This means that they have been programmed to monitor, analyze and review the trading markets so you will be spared of these tasks. In this way, you would save precious time as there is no need for you to study figures and charts before deciding to trade. You could be attaching to other tasks in the home or you could even go out and leave the forex robots to work for you. They are independent, trustworthy and reliable.

However, as the owner of the robot, you have to take it upon yourself to understand it and the way it works. You also need to determine your settings on the robot in order for it to trade the way you want it to. For this endeavor to be a success, you need to apply the forex education you obtained before these robots came along. It is not the best of ideas to become too complacent and to depend too much on the robot as this will decrease your skills and knowledge of the trading market. Also you need to stay on top of things just in case there is a…

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Forex Robots – Are You New? Then Take a Look

If you are reading this article means, you have found the right place to invest your precious money. Do you know what is Forex Robot? It is nothing but automated software which is used for trading. It is not a matter at all if you are new to Forex trading, because using this robot you will mostly get only profit and you will become wealthy by putting little time and effort on your side.

Now have found a way where you can invest your money in a stress free way. Even you do not want to look at the screen every time. It is enough if you switch on your monitor once weeks with this stress free way. This stress free robot uses very simple rules to indicate where you should invest.

These Forex Robots are becoming very popular among public. It will not give profit only to the trader who knows it well; also it will give profit to the beginners. Some robots can make you overnight profits.

I am not saying that every Robot will give profit to you. There are some companies who are making the public fool by giving scam robots. So it is in your hand to select the good working robots. You can also buy world cup winner robots, if you have enough money to buy it.

People developed these robots to assist them with the trading tips and tricks when they face confusions. Forex Robots will give them accurate solutions when the traders in the trouble. Some people will develop the robots for their personal use and some develop it for selling. This is a very simple way to…


Forex Robots – Buy One to Earn Money Easily

The only way to earn a lot of money quickly these days (legally, of course) is by trading in the international Forex (Foreign exchange) Market. Since this is difficult for most people, especially for beginners, many traders, and investors have resorted to utilizing Forex robots, or EAs (Expert Advisors), as they are sometimes called. These Forex Robots do all the decision making for you, but since there are so many of them on the market it can hard to decide which one to buy. In this article we are not going to give a list of Robots, since new ones are coming out all the time, but rather the principles involved in choosing the proper robot for you.This is an important decision because you will probably be investing thousands of dollars to trade with.

There are a number of points to consider:

1) Price –

Most Robots will sell for $ 97- $ 197, but the price is not an important factor. This is because you will have to be investing thousands of dollars historically in your trading, so its best to pick the right Robot since the price is marginal.Some Robots sell for a lot more, but its not been proven that they work better over the long run.

2) Popularity –

This is an important factor, because many people buy a Robot upon a recommendation form a friend who has already benefited with it. Since most robots are sold over the Internet, you can find out which are the popular ones. For example, you can enter the site, which sells tens of Robots, and…


Forex Robots – Scams Or a Road to Consistent Profits?

Let’s face facts if you could make money with all the robots you see, everyone would be traders and not bother to work.

After all you pay 100 and make a triple digit income then you have no need to go to work. Furthermore banks would sack there dealing teams (on seven figure salaries) as a hundred buck robot does better (according to the track records) and reduces the banks salaries dramatically.

Now none of the above has actually happened I know plenty of traders and they don’t use hundred buck robots and I know plenty of bank dealers whoa re still in their jobs earning seven figure salaries and bonuses. So why has the whole world not got into trading robots and why are they being sold? Why are the vendors selling them, when they make so much money.

Now a scam to me is when someone takes your money and gives you nothing and most robots I see don’t do this so they cannot be considered scams. They give you something describe it and its up to you if you buy it – that’s not a scam and many will genuinely give you your money back.

The main issue is when you have got it, will it make you money and can look forward to putting your feet up, playing golf and leaving your work to a robot? The answer is no, not with the robots I see for sale, because they all have problem which is summed up in this statement:

“CFTC RULE 4.41 – Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent…

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