Best Forex Expert Advisor – A Trading Robot Which Has Made Millions in Real Time Trading!

If you are looking for the best Forex Expert Advisor, you should check out the Turtle FX trading system which is from a true trading great and the rules it uses, have made hundreds of millions of dollars in real time trading – Let's look at our best Forex Expert Advisor in more detail.

Multi millionaire trading legend Richard Dennis, devised the rules of the Turtle robot and he taught them to a group of people who had never traded before and then set them up with trading accounts. His aim was simply to show that anyone could win at trading if they had the right system and confidence in it and they proved him right by making $ 400 million dollars. The story was featured heavily in the international press and is outlined in the investment classic book – Market Wizards.

The rules have now been programmed into the new Turtle Forex EA and traders can seek triple digit gains on a risk of just 2% per trade. You can of course adjust the risk parameters if you so wish. Another advantage of the system is – you can download all the rules and logic of the system, BEFORE you purchase it, so you will know how and why it works.

Most Forex Expert Advisors, present unrealistic track records based on back testing or figures given to you by the vendor which have not been checked by outside sources. The reason they have no independent verification is simple – they do not produce the gains they claim and rather than being supervised by a trader, they are done by computer…


Forex Robot Software – Why Traders Lose With Robots

Forex Robot software is popular but very few traders win with a robot. Here we will look at the main reasons why and how to find a Forex trading system that wins …

Forex Robots fail in real time trading because the vast majority are based on unsound logic and have never made any money in real time trading sure, the track records says they have but look a little closer and you will see the reality which is:

The track record is a simulation in hindsight or presented by the vendor with no independent verification.

The claims are extraordinary and are obviously not true:

Double your money each month, little or no drawdown, trade with over 90% accuracy etc and you can get access to these systems (which beat the best traders in the world) for the cost of a night out.

If you listen to the sales copy, you have to make no effort and simply make money while you sleep. Common sense tells you these systems do not work, they simply look to good to be true and they are.

Now I am not saying you can not make money with automated Forex software because you can – but let's look at the reality of trading robots and leave the fantasy behind.

The reality is there are some good solid programs you can use which have made real gains and the best usually make about 50 – 100% per annual with drawdown being around 20 – 50% depending on the risk profile of the system and a typical drawdown period will last for a few weeks.

So great long term gains, if you can ride out short…