Forex Expert Advisors – 3 Myths Traders Believe That See Them Lose

If you see a system calling itself a Forex Expert Advisor it's likely to lose money quickly though merchants buy them because they believe 3 myths enclosed. If you fall for these myths, you will lose too – let's take a look at them.

Cheap Forex Expert Advisors and Robots claim better track records than the world's best traders and these super traders get paid millions in salaries, so why have these traders not been replaced by robots? Their employers could save millions in wages but no serious trader would use a cheap Forex Expert Advisor, because it's obvious they do not work.

The myths that traders believe which see them buy these systems are:

1. The track Records Presented will Repeat

They take the track records as real evidence of future gains but of course no Expert Advisor ever has a real track record of gains in the market which has been independently audited.

All you get are simulations going backwards (knowing the closing prices) or figures from the vendor direct which are not independently checked. The claim is financial freedom for the cost of a night out, it looks to good to be true and it is.

2. They Believe they Can Trade with Low Drawdown

I have seen systems claim 300% annual gains or more, with less than 1% drawdown which is laughable and any experienced Forex trader will tell you this is not true.

If you trade on leverage, you will have drawdown – Period.

No trader has ever made 300% annually and had less than 1% drawdown in the…


Forex Robots – Why Cheap Software Packages Always Lose Traders Money

You have seen the advertisements for Forex robots which promise you an income for life, all for around a hundred dollars and even better, you do no work! You just plug it in and sit back as the money rolls in but its pretty obvious, in a market where 95% of traders lose, these robots get destroyed and the reason is obvious and enclosed.

The reason Forex robots and the ridiculously named Forex Expert Advisors do not make money is they have never been traded and made real money and the track records are simply made up in hindsight.

All the sellers do is get the past data knowing all the closing prices and then make there track record profitable – could you make money knowing all the closing prices in advance? Well I could have a billionaire and so could, with this key information in advance but what makes Forex trading a challenge is – we do not know this information in advance.

You do get some vendors that post what they say are real time track records but there is no independent audit. you have to take the word of the person selling the system – so if it really does make money why is there no independent verification like in any other industry? Because, you do not make more money than the worlds top fund managers with a cheap piece of software.

In an industry where 95% of people lose money you need to learn skills and anyone who sits back and thinks they will get rich with no effort, will end up disappointed and with his account wiped out.

If you take…


Best Forex EA – A Forex Robot From a Legendary Trader Which Has Made Millions in Real Profits!

If you are looking for the best Forex robot or Forex EA, then the turtle trading Expert Advisor is one you should consider. The rules it used were revised by a real legendary trader and it has a real track record which is verified, showing the rules made several hundred million dollars in real time trading. Let's look at this Best Forex EA in more detail.

Most robots are simply not designed by traders – there designed by computer programmers, hired by marketing companies. They present track records of huge gains, with little or no draw down and the track records are NEVER verified by reputable neutral sources.

All you get are, simulations going back knowing all the closing prices well, anyone can make money doing this even a child or you get figures from the vendor themselves – with no outside check. I would not trust a track record presented by someone selling the system for obvious reasons – he makes money from selling it!

The Turtle Forex EA – from a Trader and a Real Time Track Record which is Verified

The developer of the rules the trading robot is based upon is trading legend Richard Dennis who devised the rules for a group of people who had never traded before to show anyone, with the right system could make money at trading. This experiment to prove anyone could make money a trading, if they had the right system is one of the most famous trading experiments of all time. The traders learned the rules and made several hundred million dollars with…


Forex Expert Advisors – Track Records Better Than the World's Best Fund Managers!

If you look at the worlds top find managers you will see many make excellent returns of up to 100% per annual. These traders are paid millions of dollars annually but many Forex Expert Advisors claim that they can do much better and all for around a hundred dollars which is one of the cost of the software but can they? Let's find out …

Of course they can not! The track records are never verified or admitted, there always back tests done in hindsight on paper, you get real results from some vendors but there never audited or verified.

If these systems really did work do not you think all the world's best fund managers would get the sack?

Why pay multi million pound currencies and bonuses, when you can get a better performance from a hundred dollar piece of software? Of course, none of these dealers have got the sack and been replaced by cheap Expert Advisors because the track records they put out are fantasy and not reality.

95% of all Forex traders lose all their money and if it was as easy as buying a cheap bit of software to achieve Forex trading success, a lot more traders would win but they do not.

How to Win at Forex Trading

Forex trading is a challenge and that's why there rewards are so high and you need to make an effort to win.
Forex trading is a business where if you want to succeed, you need to make an effort and learn skills. The good news is that currency trading is a totally learned skill and if you put in some time and effort, you…


Forex Robots – Pay $ 100 and Get Financial Freedom – Do You Believe Them?

Well if you do, you're in for a reality check and a loss of money. The reason is obvious and it's enclosed. If you want to know why your odds on to lose with these systems read this article …

The vast majority of Forex robots claim you will make a consistent income with no experience for paying $ 100.00. of course if this was true and they worked, the vendor would not need to sell it so cheaply they could sell it for millions of dollars, not $ 100. In addition the whole world would be trading for a living and not working because for $ 100 you can get an income for life – but this has not happened. Why?

Because the track records these robots present are not real gains at all, they have never actually made any real profits – the track records are back tests and that does not mean you will make the same money in real time.

So what's a back test?

Well it means you get all the closing prices buy and sell where you wish (knowing where the prices settled) and make some profits. Now you can do this and so can my seven year old cousin – but does this mean that going forward, the track record will repeat. Try it and see and get ready for a wipe out of equity.

The problem today is people think that Forex trading is a walk in the park and easy. They believe the slick advertising copy, telling them they can make money with no effort and get an automatic income; this is of course fantasy, not reality.

They do not think to ask the obvious question – if an…


Forex Robots – Fact Most Destroy Trading Accounts and Do it Quickly

Forex robots appeal to greedy and lazy traders and of course they do not work because if they did everyone would swap their jobs for life of leisure, pay 100 dollars and enjoy financial freedom. Of course the reality of robot trading is a wipe out of equity here's why.

Forex robots for all the clever marketing on the vast major try and present one advantage which does not add up in real life and that's the track record.

The track records of most of these trading systems would make the world's top traders envious if they were true, bank and brokerage dealing rooms would have no people left, just 100 buck robots making cash. Why bother with a dealer on a seven figure annual salary, when you can get better returns on $ 100.00 a year?

Of course the track records are not true.

When you look at a track record, you imagine it to be real money, after all you are looking for evidence that the robot makes money – that's why your buying it but the reality is the track record is not real and this appears by it.

"CFTC RULE 4.41 – Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. achieve profit or losses similar to those shown ".

I think that says it all about…

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Forex Robot – 3 Reasons Why They Will See You Lose Money and Quickly!

Many traders believe that they can make a regular income when they buy a few hundred dollar robot but they will leave you disappointed here's 3 reasons you will lose …

If Forex robots really did work then think of how many people would be buying them 100 bucks or so for an income for life! It looks to good to be true and it is.

1. Track Record Presented Never Repeats

They claim they can double your income as much as every month and that's better than the world's top fund managers on millions a year in salaries – but these track records never repeat, thats why the fund managers still have jobs!

The track records are mostly back tests, done in simulation, there made up, knowing the closing prices. Not exactly hard – but you do not get the closing price in advance when you trade for real. Some produce track records but they come from the vendor with no outside audit or verification – so would you trust them?

Look around the forums and will find people claiming that they have won with the systems and with a link back to their site so you can buy the system through their affiliate link – so they can make a commission! If there making so much money, wonder why they bother? You get another group who have lost and can not seem to understand why.

2. Money Management

Most do not have any and others place stops in random noise of the markets and both ways see losses. A good system, is built on sound money management but most robots think it's an after…


Forex Robot – Get The Free One Which Beats 95% of Those Sold Online!

The forex robot will not cost you a cent, yet it will bear most of the forex trading systems sold online. So, if you want bigger forex profits check it out all you need to know is enclosed …

Before we look at this system be aware that most systems sold should not be classified as such because they have never been traded and normally have this in the small print, against there fitted track records:

"CFTC RULE 4.41 – Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. achieve profit or losses similar to those shown ".

The track records are on paper not real dollars, so it's hard to take them seriously.

Anyone can make up a track record if they have access to the price data in advance, a child can do it and so can you but it wont make you money in the brutal world of real time trading.

Now let's look at our free one that has been making money for years and has been the basis of a number of successful trading systems.

The system is called The 4 Week Rule and (there is only one rule and you do not even need a computer to calculate it) here it is:

When prices hit a 4 week calendar high go long and when they hit a 4 week low go short ie stop and reverse. That's it,…

Source by Kelly Price

Forex Robot Trading – Why Traders Continually Lose With Automated Forex Software

The industry in online Forex trading packages is huge, these packages cost around a hundred dollars and promise an income for life, with no effort but the result for traders is losses as these systems never re-produce the track records they claim, let's look at why.

The track records are always better than the worlds top fund managers can achieve and the cheap software programs do it with less drawdown. The logical question to ask is – if these programs really do perform, why have banks and brokers, not sacked their top dealers (on multi million pound salaries) and replaced them with a cheap software package?

The answer is because there is a big differene between making a claim and backing it up with evidence of real results. The fact is the cheap software packages, never produce a verified track record of gains.

If you look at most, you will see the word "simulation" in the disclaimer which means – the vendor has simply obtained their results, knowing all the closing prices, by going back across closing data. Anyone can make money, if they have the price in advance but that is not the real world of Forex trading.

Other vendors give you results, they say are true but there is never an independent clarification of results and do you really, want to rely on the figures from the person selling the system?

These systems are get rich quick schemes which traders will continue to buy, just like the buy horse racing and betting systems and just like these systems,…


Forex Robots – If They're So Good Why Do not Serious Traders Use Them?

I have been a trader for 25 years and the forex robots sold online make me laugh. For 100 bucks or so, you are expected to be able to generate an income for life. The reality is most will wipe you out and do it quickly, here's why …

The bulk of forex robots sold, place heavy emphasis on the fact they have a simulated track record that makes money, well if I have all the closures and can simply make up a track record, I would be very rich. Of course in the real world, you do not get this advantage.

Where is the Proof of Profitability?

So you have a tool that claims to make money but never has severely inspires confidence does it and its offering you financial freedom for life for the price of a good night out, does not add up to me.

They do not Work Because …

The track records are not just track records though – there are exceptional and beat many of the fund managers I know on hundreds of thousands or millions millions a year.

So why has not the bank sacked them all and put a robot in there place?

If you have understood what I have read so far you will understand why, they do not work in the hard, real world of trading.

There are some forex robots that work but there is the ones you see heavily advertised with hyped copy of guaranteed profits.

Get the Right Education and Win

Of course you can make money forex trading and a lot of money – but a cheap forex robot, with no evidence of success will not do it for you.

They all have delicious,…

Source by Sonia Kristina