What About the Hype of Forex Robots – Are They Worth It?

As the currency exchange market gets increased attention with the decline of the USD looming, so are the EA robots that attract the more sophisticated traders to the Forex game.

An Expert Advisor (EA) is a "robot" in the loose sense of the word. Robots beat humans at chess and other games, and they can also beat humans at trading. With an EA there is absolutely no emotion in effect – the most likely downfall of the human trader. An EA will observe the charts for you, implementing trades under optimal conditions and utilizing sophisticated strategies transparent to the user. This avoids the fear and greed factor, as well as lack of confidence, and inconsistency which are characteristics of most currency (and stock, option, futures) traders.

It is self-evident – over ninety percent of traders realize a net loss}. Traders are emotional humans, and like all humans, we suffer from greed, fear of loss and even fear of what other think. This impairs any traders ability no matter how experienced they are. As with all humans, in critical moments or key market conditions we lack surety, we have fear of what might happen and most importantly, we are typically inconsistent over 90% of the time.

The concept is similar to automobile manufacturing, where automotive companies use computerized robots to spray paint on new cars – a highly boring and repetitive task requiring a high degree of consistency. A human operator may spray too much paint here and too little…

by Chris J. Guli

Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude

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Douglas uncovers the underlying reasons for lack of consistency and helps traders overcome the ingrained mental habits that cost them money.  He takes on the myths of the market and exposes them one by one teaching traders to look beyond random outcomes, to understand the true realities of risk, and to be comfortable with the “probabilities” of market movement that governs all market speculation.

What to Do When You Lose in Forex

Forex trading has always been fascinating the traders with its enormous scopes and opportunities of earning. However as winning is a part of trading, losing comes along the winning of trading business. Being a volatile business, the unpredictable trades could lead to incur loss in many instances.Losing into trading could not create similar impacts on every individual but differ from individual to another. Traders who have plenty sum of money in their accounts rarely get the strain of losing but for traders who have lost all their wealth into trading do find themselves in the gloomy girth.

Without a doubt, it adds on a lot of stress to the trader when he has lost half of his lives savings into trading.One feels at the end of the rope, the ideas, the desires and the hopes all crushed down into pieces.

The discomfort and the unbearable pain it brings make plenty of people go out of the way.Many a times the new comers get lost and get extremely upset. Moreover as it also takes a lot of hard work to consistently trade into the trading it gets the hope out of you and make you complete depressed.

There are plenty of traders worldwide who start a fresh, quickly build up on their confidence and start trading over and again. However what plays the most vital role is you learning from your past experiences. Every deal would be different but the past learning could help exponentially to deal in different situations. Developing on the skills that allow you ample patience can be the…

by Elliott Pearce

Online FOREX Trading Looks Easy But This Factor Makes Traders Lose

Online FOREX trading looks easy, but there is one factor that makes it hard to succeed and it is not picking market direction or the long term trend.

So what is the factor that makes online trading hard and causes the majority of traders to lose?

Read on

The factor that makes online so hard is volatility within the trend.

A common scenario

You spot a trend and enter. The market pulls back and you are stopped out. The market then reverses the way you anticipated and goes onto make $10,000 or more and you’re not in!

This happens to all traders at some point and is caused by volatility.

Of course, markets trend either up or down but there are frequent pullbacks against the trend

Many novice traders get taken out by them lose and the market of course, goes back to the way they had thought.

So how do you prevent yourself getting stopped out in online trading and stay with the longer term trends?

Here are some tips:

1. Use a breakout method to trade

Trade only significant, valid breaks of critical support or resistance.

Stop placement is obvious on these trades and the odds are in your favor, if momentum goes with the breakout.

2. Don’t trail your stops to soon

Another common error is for traders to trail stops up to quickly and try to lock in profit, however all they do is manage to get stopped out.

By trying to restrict risk, they actually create it.

If you want to catch trends and profit from them you need to give the market room to breathe.

3. Use options

Options are great…

Source by Kelly Price

How to Exit a Trade Profitably

Entering and exiting stock or selection trades is a whole lot like discovering how to just take off and land a small airplane. The most unsafe instances when traveling a small aircraft are not at the time you get up to altitude but as you just take off and when you go to land. At equally instances even small blunders for example, forgetting to modify your flashes, keeping the acceptable airspeed, ascending and descending at the proper angle, and banking appropriately are just component of the numerous factors a new university student pilot demands to bear in mind to just take off safely and securely and To land safely and securely.

Both of those new and veteran traders need to also be keenly mindful of pretty identical conditions when getting into or exiting a stock. Exiting a trade is usually a position in which emotions are operating substantial, even for a savvy veteran trader of 20+ several years. If income are soaring, the euphoria that sets in can make it more challenging to really see the price action and what is likely on.

Greed could just take more than and the wish to get just a small far more income could conclude up getting the choice that wipes out, all of the gains of the past couple of days for swing traders or minutes for day traders. For Placement Traders, entries and exits are significantly far more forgiving and the gains are considerably greater. Possibility is decrease and entries and exits do not have to have the precision of a swing or day trade. So this lesson is mainly for swing traders.

What you want to bear in mind most about exiting a swing trade is that at the time you are in income use trailing income stops, based on the technological and financial…


Buying and selling in the Zone: Master the Market place with Self confidence, Self-control, and a Winning Mind-set

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Douglas uncovers the underlying explanations for deficiency of regularity and assists traders get over the ingrained psychological patterns that value them cash.  He normally takes on the myths of the market place and exposes them 1 by 1 teaching traders to look further than random results, to have an understanding of the correct realities of threat, and to be cozy with the “possibilities” of market place motion that governs all market place speculation.