Forex Trading: The Advanced Guide That Will Make You The KING Of Forex Trading (Volume 5)

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FOREX TRADING: The Advanced Guide that Will Make You the KING of Forex Trading

Do you want to be in a position where you’re trading stocks on one of the most fast-paced markets in the entire world? Not only that, but do you want to be trading these stocks in a way that guarantees that you’ll find success through these avenues over a long-term period of time? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then it’s definitely time for you to purchase the book Forex Trading: The Advanced Guide that Will Make You the KING of Forex Trading right now!

This book is filled to the brim with information that will take your trading strategies to the next level. Not only does this book discuss advanced market trading strategies, but it does so in a way that can guarantee that it will not bore you to tears. I know that there are plenty of books on the market that cover the topic of trading, but how many of them can make that promise to you?

Maybe you’ve decided that you enjoy trading on the stock market, but you are tired of the conventionality that you’ve found and you’re ready for more excitement. Or maybe you are just interested in knowing how everything works, and you haven’t yet put yourself out there to trade in any way shape or form. Either way, this book can be for you; however, there is one important note to make here. This is not a beginner’s guide. Rather, it’s an advanced guide that has been written in conjunction with…

Forex Trading Strategies – Developing a Strategy to Make Triple Digit Gains

In this article, we will look at developing a Forex trading strategy which can help you make big gains trading global currency markets. The basics of successful trading can be learned by anyone so, let’s look at Forex trading strategies which can make you money and lead you to success.

The first point to keep in mind is what sort of trader are you?

Do you like to action of trading or are you more patient and want to trade long term. If you like the action, you should swing trade and trade moves that last from a few days to a week and if you are more patient, focus on long term trades which can last for weeks or months. You can make money with either method and the one you choose, will simply reflect your personality. You will notice, I haven’t mentioned day trading as a way to make money because – it doesn’t make money! You day trade, only trading the noise of the market and if you do that you are destined to lose.

Now let’s look at the principles that make a strategy successful.

The first point to keep in mind is to keep your strategy simple and based on trading price action. You won’t need to read the news or listen to other traders opinions, you can just trade trends on a chart. A strategy which is simple can make money and there is no need, to make your strategy to complex or complicated. All the best traders use simple trading strategies and if its good enough for them, its good enough for you.

Your strategy should have objective entry and exit points and these should be…


The Best Forex Strategies Revealed For Consistent Profits

I have spent years trying different trading strategies and waiting for the perfect forex strategies to be disclosed. Waiting for some secret or holy grail that would make my trading profitable. I tried different indicators and signals, I drew the trend lines support and resistance levels and studied everything I could about technical trading. I would do back tests on systems and the tests shown excellent profit but when I would trade the systems live I never could get them to make a profit. I would always end up losing money.

After several years and thousands of dollars lost I finally discovered the secret to profitable forex trading. The problem all those years was that I was looking in the wrong direction. There are infinite numbers of trading strategies that are time tested and profitable. The secret is that it's not so much about finding a good strategy, the secret is about us becoming good at consistently trading any system we are using.

No matter how good the trading system is it will not do us any good unless we are effective with our trading. I was always blaming the strategies for my failures but when I looked back on it the problem was that I was not being consistent with my trading. This is what causes most traders to fail.

It takes an extremely disciplined person to be able to stick to a system and trade without emotions such as fear and greed entering their trading decisions. When you bring human emotion to the table it alters your trading…

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Forex Trading Strategies – 3 Tips to Build a Constantly Profitable Trading Strategy

Do you think that all Forex trading strategies are likely to become unprofitable after some period of time? Learn 3 tips from this article and you'll know what trading strategies will be profitable forever …

There is a myth that trading systems can not be successful for long time. It's thought that as the market changes its rules every time, also trading strategies become unprofitable after some period of time, because their rules must be changed following the market. But if you build Forex trading strategies correctly, using 3 tips that will be given to you below, it should not be rebuilt later or modified and of course not to be changed by another trading strategy. Here are your 3 tips:

  1. the simpler rules and indicators in, the better
  2. use out-of-sample period for testing
  3. regularly use 6-steps-rule for Forex trading strategies optimization

Tip 1. The simpler rules and indicators the better

Actually there is an inverse correlation between stable or robustness of Forex trading strategies and sophistication of rules that they use. If a strategy is built on many rules and algorithms, it has many indicators and variables so that make auspicious conditions for over-fitting (or over-learning) of your strategy and when you'll be optimizing and testing it. You could see that the results it show looks great, but when you try it on the real account on practice it can be a catastrophe for your material's wellbeing. It just found in history those variables that…


Easy Forex Trading Strategies – The Automated Forex Strategy Revealed

Easy trading strategies are required for you to be profitable in the already complicated foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is a trillion dollar trade involving millions of traders and speculators all over the world. It is not only a place for all winners to multiply their earnings from their original investment amount, but also a place where the losers are making the requests to obtain back what they have lost, or lose even more. If you are planning to venture into the foreign exchange business, the easiest way to succeed is duplicating the proven techniques practiced by the successful traders. With years of experience under their belt, the pros will be able to tell you which systems will make you lose your investments and which ones will make you rich. These techniques separate the champions from the losers.

To prevent you from falling into these group of losers, this article will elaborate one of the easy trading strategies that had generated truckloads of money to the major of professional traders out there. It is even easy enough for new traders to practice and has proven its worthiness in the game field: automated systems or trading robots

Easy Forex Trading Strategies: the automated Forex Strategy Revealed – what do you need to know?

Forex trading robots are basically software systems that has been programmed by a team of computer programmers in collaboration with professional players. The…

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Swing Trading Strategies

Using Swing Trading Strategies and Technical Analysis when Trading Stocks to Make Consistent Trading Profits.

This article is one small part of a series of lessons using Swing Trading Strategies and Technical Analysis developed by WD Gann which are designed to show how anyone can build a profitable Stock or Commodity trading business from scratch.

The lessons are available for you to study here at

Swing charts can be a valuable technical analysis tool in determining the trend of any market or Stock and assisting with entry and exit levels for your trades.

Please follow along on the charts below as we go through this lesson. Charts available at

Firstly some basic ground rules for those of you who are unfamiliar with swing charts and swing trading.

WD Gann is credited with bringing swing charting methods into prominence may years ago, and he used swing trading extensively along with his forecasting skills to profit from the market.

Please study the first chart below. I have drawn the swings of the market over the bar chart so you can see how a swing chart is drawn. Charts available at

The line on a daily swing chart goes up to the highest point of the daily bars each day until a daily low is broken, then goes down to the low of each bar until a daily high is broken. Pretty simple.

An inside day has no effect on the swing chart – the swing line simply stays where it is until a daily high or low is broken.



Forex Trading Strategies – Six Steps to Follow to Be Successful Using the Forex Trading Strategies

The world of forex is dominated by risks and uncertainty. But where lies risk are ample profits. However, not everyone enters the business walks away successful. The difference between the money makers and money losers is an effective forex trading strategy and it is up to you choose the right one.

It is often mistaken that by the advice sold on internet so readily can buy you success. Anyone claiming to make you successful at the expense of reasonable amount of money is probably lying. You can make yourself successful through free resources available on forex trading strategy.

In order to build your forex trading strategy, consider the following steps:

1. It is essential to learn the correct type of knowledge about the forex trading strategy. Accurate knowledge benefits you rather then large chunks of information.

2. Devise a strategy which is uncomplicated and easily understood. It has been found that simple systems are more effective than complex ones.

3. You should decide your methodology carefully. You could choose a technical approach or a fundamental one. Both are workable methods and the choice is up to your personal preference. The trade you are to make should be supported by the market price momentum. The stochastic and the relative strength index are two indicators of price momentum.

4. Educate yourself about the breakout methodology through articles and websites. It is quite affordable and easily applicable.

5. Risks are innate to…

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3 Easy FOREX Trading Strategies For Beginners

1. Currency Analysis

One of the easy Forex trading strategies for beginners is the use of currency analysis to predict market movements and currency fluctuations. There are two different methods used to analyze currency, and these are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves the price of the currency pairs and is used to help identify any trends and measure the price volatility of the currency to detect the trading signals. Fundamental analysis looks at outside and government factors that could impact the value of the currency, such as the unemployment rate and the stability of the current political situation of the country that offers the currency.

Either type of currency analysis strategy can be a good match for beginners, because the analysis is not overly complex and the trading signals are usually fairly clear and pronounced. Some beginners may do better analyzing the technical aspects of a currency while others prefer using fundamental analysis instead. Either way currency analysis Forex trading strategies are a good choice for many beginners in the Forex market, after the trader has successfully traded using a dummy account.

2. Day Trading Strategy

Day trading is one of the most common and most popular Forex trading strategies, and it can be ideal for many beginners to this market. With this strategy you will not hold any trading positions overnight. Instead traders will buy during the day and liquid all of the…


Three Major Strategies That You Can Use For Great Forex Success

Lots of participants in Forex market is constantly increasing each and every day. However, with lots of these things, it is still a hard thing for most of the trader to win in the trade, most especially if they are not using any strategy. Actually, good trading strategies are essential, most especially if you want to earn good profits in terms of Forex. Having a bad plan or rather no plan at all will totally lead you in losing your investments. Several traders lose their money because of the reason that they failed developing a good strategy.

However, traders and or only humans and they also make mistakes. However, it is essential to learn from it and do not repeat it in the next few days. Here are some things that will surely help you on how to make your own Forex trading strategies.

o Do not experiment – if you are a novice, avoid making strategies that are experimental. Instead of developing experimental ones, simply try to get advices from the experienced traders.
o Try demo accounts – if you do not want to lose your money if it is your first time in the trade, the best thing that you can do is by using free demo accounts. Most of the brokers use this medium for them to be safe in terms of trading. This facility can be obtained for free, so there is no reason for you to lose money.
o Implement everything that you have learned – this step is one of the things that you have to do after you have everything that you need for trading with Forex. Ensure…


Automating Forex EA Robots – Does the Holy Grail of Automated Trading Really Exist?

EA or Expert Advisor is a software program that is programmed with a set of rules that automatically opens and closes trades based on analysis of the Forex Markets. It is estimated that 80% of hedge funds, banks and institutional traders now trade using at lease one form of Expert Advisor”.

Whilst I firmly believe there is no such thing as a free lunch, there are some highly successful automated trading strategies that can indeed generate a good secondary or indeed a primary income.

My journey started as a casual currency trader, after spending a significant amount on learning about the markets and indeed the different trading methods, early on I realised the potential of making significant profits for . The real question was would I as an individual really have what it takes to make it as a profitable trader?  Many commentators state the 90/10 rule – 90% of traders fail and I can understand why, its easy to make money from , its much harder sticking to a successful strategy, managing money and indeed sustaining and building on profits – the reality is it os VERY hard making consistent money from

Even though I enjoyed the success I had with profiting from Forex, the isolation, boredom and lack of discipline started to affect my performance and after months or deliberation I decided to start looking for alternative trading strategies – ones that did not involve emotions at all. I started to scour the markets for automated trading strategies, namely…

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