FOREX TRADING: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms (Forex, Forex for Beginners, Make Money Online, Currency Trading, Foreign Exchange, Trading Strategies, Day Trading)

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TWO of Jim’s FOREX books are consistently ranked *BEST SELLERS* on Amazon and his new one on Divergence is expected to take off!

Jim, from Queensland Australia, is a full-time Forex Trader, currently residing in Vietnam.

His knowledge of currency trading extends over a 14 year period and has evolved from the old fashioned manual charting when he first started in 2002, to trading on multiple screens and entering the arena of automated trading. During this time, he has developed and shared many trading systems for free, and assisted many new traders through various blogs and forum participation.

This book is for those of you who are just starting to consider trading Forex but don’t know where to start, given the abundance of information on the internet. It is a good first book to read, to gain an understanding of the very basics. As an added Bonus, Jim offers one of his Trading Systems, as well as the indicators without any further on-costs.

Check out his YouTube vids, chat with him on Facebook – he’s an approachable guy who is passionate about trading. Here Is an outline of what is included:

  • What is Forex?
  • Advantages of Trading Forex
  • When the Forex market is open
  • Forex pairs
  • Where we trade Forex
  • Choosing a Broker
  • Important information for US based traders
  • Lot size and equivalent pip value
  • Information on risk
  • News and fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Risk-reward ratio
  • Types of orders
  • How many pips is enough
  • Trading psychology
  • Day trading or longer term trading?…

With All Odds Forex Trading System That Uses a 16 Pips Stop & Can Double Your Account Daily!

If you are looking for a 100% successful trading system than read on. The problem with most successful trading systems is that they use a huge stop loss or even no stop at all. Now, why someone would want to trade with a huge stop loss or even take the risk of trading without a stop?

Many robots that are being introduced with tall claims of super performance also use huge stops. Isn’t this taking too much risk. Yes, this is true. These trading systems don’t put tight stops just in order to stay in the market with the hope of recovering any loss in the end. But, one wrong move by the market and all the gains that had been made in the previous trades can get wiped out. It is as simple as that. Itiis just a matter of time when this will happen. That’s why it always important to know the drawdowns made by each system.

What you need is a trading system that uses a tight stop loss so that your risk is always low yet it gives 100% success every time. Meet Barry Thornton. Barry has been trading for quite a while now. In the beginning he made all those mistakes that any trader makes.

Over time, he learned his lessons. The most important lesson was to never make the mistake of not using a stop loss. But now, he says he travels all over the world and enjoys his life. He doesn’t has to worry anymore about money. He just needs an internet connection and a laptop to make as much money as he wants.

With All Odds Forex Trading System has been developed by…

Source by Ahmad A Hassam

Forex Trading Systems & Forex Trading Software Have Modernized the Industry For the Private Investor

If you are new comer to the markets you really have no idea how lucky you have it. The tools you have in the form of Forex trading systems and Forex trading software have so greatly improved your ability to make money that it is nothing short of extraordinary.

When I first started in the markets almost a decade ago there were not any currency trading systems at all. I was forced to do all my research and calculations by hand. This was extremely time consuming and tedious work to say the least. By the time you finally finished, to tell you the truth you had very little time to think about a possible investment and were almost always late to purchase a currency after its price had already increased. This of course cut down on your profits.

There is nothing in the world that produces more critical information than the FX markets. This data must first be captured, second it needs to be scrutinized for relevance and finally investment prospects need to be recognized. Today this is all done by the software. This, of course leaves you more time to examine the findings and fine tune the investment process.

The best of the best of these systems are well equipped at finding possible conventions for you to become involved in. Which as a private investor is exactly what you need software to do.

My favorite Forex trading systems and Forex trading software are called Fap Turbo and Forex MegaDroid. These products are not only utilized by me, but hundreds of thousands…


The Disadvantages to Using a Robot in Forex Trading

When you first start to hear about automated trading systems it definitely sounds like a dream come true. You get to trade a successful strategy made by a successful trader without any effort with the system making all relevant decisions regarding your trading activity. The first thing that people new to the area of ​​automated trading hear is how great trading with robots is and how many great advantages it has. Expert advisor sellers talk about the great aspects of robots like not having any humans involved and how this trading technique can make anyone reach within a very small amount of time. However it turns out that trading with Forex robots – Forex automated trading systems – has many disadvantages that not only make profit from Forex automated trading systems hard, but even harder than making a profit manually in trading. Within the following paragraphs I will attempt to explain some of these disadvantages to you giving you an idea of ​​where you should start if you really want to be successful with automated trading systems.

First of all, it is good to understand why automated trading systems are not a holy grail and why they will not be able to make everyone rich, even if trading is simply mechanical. The main disadvantage of Forex robots is that due to the simplicity of their loading and execution, they stimulate usage by people who have little or no experience in trading. Since the robots are still being run and executed by humans they still…


How to Pick Out the Best Forex Currency Trading Systems

Since the dawn of reputable and profitable trading trading systems years ago, many publishers have thrown their hats and faulty systems into the market looking to make a quick buck from you. Follow these guidelines to avoid the pitfalls of a lemon system and instead begin to earn some reliable and guaranteed income through the best currency trading systems available today.

Identify What Your Need Is – Some trading trading systems are designed to detect signals in the market or profitable opportunities and trade ahead of the curve, whereas others are designed to simply respond as quickly as possible to changes in the market as they occur. Depending on your experience you may be better suited for one over another. For example, latter, auto trading variety system is ideal for both beginners as well as anyone looking to cover gaps or earn some reliable income from steady trends as there is not much required to run and maintain this system as it can be completely automated. The signal generating system, however, requires more know how and input from the trader and is consequently more recommended for traders with slightly more experience.

Customer Service – While it's illegally that you'll ever have any issues, it's good to know that if you ever do it will be deal with timely and effectively. It's also nice to know simply that the currency trading systems publisher cares enough about your opinion of them to respond to your concerns quickly. …

Source by Max Branner

FOREX Trading Systems – How to Get One for Big Long Term Profits

Buying a FOREX trading system can be a way of making big consistent profits and being automatic means that you can do so with the minimum of effort.

You can find good FOREX trading systems from vendors, but be warned over 95% of them are junk.

In this article we will look at how to find one with the potential for making capital gains.

1. Do not buy a FOREX day trading system!

Most novice traders do this and lose.

Day trading simply does not work – All short term volatility is random.

If you are trading FX, ignore the promises of profits, the reality is your account will get wiped out – which leads me onto my next point.

2. Always ask for a real time track record

Most FOREX Trading systems do not have real time track records.

You do however get a hypothetical track record.

For those of you who do not know what this is – it's a track record designed in hindsight, knowing the closing prices already.

No wonder they all make a profit!

Ask yourself this question:

Why would you give money to someone who does not trade their own system?

If they do not have the courage to trade it why should you?

Look for a track record of at least two years, ask for audited proof of the systems performance and this should be net of all fees.

3. Make sure you understand the systems logic

Never buy a black box system where the logic is not disclosed.

The reason for this is that if you do not know the logic the system is based on you probably will not have the…


Forex Trading Systems – 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Forex System

There are many systems available for sale at different prices ranging from a hundred dollars all the way up to in the thousands. Many people believe the claims that they are given about Forex Trading Systems and end up wasting their hard earned money.

It is important to understand what the common assumptions are about Forex Trading Systems so that you can avoid the pitfalls of buying one:


  1. They can create you consistent winning profit.
  2. They are purely automated and you just have to sit back and do nothing.
  3. You can succeed in Forex by trading someone else's system without understanding how it works.
  4. The creator of the system knows what he is doing.
  5. The creator of the system has made a large sum of money from the system.
  6. They give you a deep understanding of how the Forex market works.
  7. The system is hole-proof and never needs to be fixed or improved.


  1. Most systems do not make you any profit and in fact cause you to lose money.
  2. They are not automated and still require you to monitor and physically execute trades.
  3. The chances of succeeding are slim if you do not know how the system works.
  4. The creator of the system most likely does not know what they are doing as they are selling a product rather than trading their own "system".
  5. If the creator made a large sum of money then they would not sell their system.
  6. They give you a beneficial understanding and usually are just simple readjusted trading signals in .
  7. No system…

by Christopher Short

Do Systems For Automated Forex Trading Really Work?

With the increasing popularity of Forex trading, more and more traders have started showing interest in this field. Foreign Exchange trading has reached great heights with the advent of automated Forex trading systems.

Do these automated robots live up to their expectations? Do systems for automated Forex trading really work? The answer to all these questions is yes, provided you have a basic understanding of the Forex trading system.

Here is a quick brief on how these automated systems help people in making real money from their trade.

It is no wonder that Forex trading has been a profitable ground for lots of traders. But the shocking news is that, only 5% of the traders are getting substantial amount of profit from their trade. Incorrect analysis of the trend in the market and poor strategies are the main reasons that people lose money in this field.

To help people in this respect, automated Forex trading systems are available in the market. Also knows as Forex Robots, these systems use the power of internet and the knowledge of experts to help you out in trading foreign exchange.

These systems have enough intelligence to guide you in the right path. These systems work 24 * 7 and are also capable of analyzing the departments of different countries and at different time zones.

These robots are designed in such a way that it does not require any special effort from your side to operate them. So buy you Forex robot soon and start filling your pocket…


Forex Robot Trading System

If you are a trader you probably know that is difficult to make money in the FX markets. And that's why, robot robot trading systems have been created. Forex Robot Trading Systems have been created to be used by people who do not have the time to learn about trading. This success depends on an accurate and timed analysis of the market and that is exactly what Forexmegatrion does.

Forexmegatrion it's becoming very popular among traders and that's because like its creator said it has a High Winning Rate (95%). This is because robot trading systems works 24/5. Forexmegatrion calculate every position before open it, this is not a game, it does that to reduce the mistake rate.

Forexmegatrion has been created by 2 experts traders. They had been developing this product since 2000, and had conducting back test to create an efficient product. They discover that robots made less mistakes than people, because robots do not have any feelings, they just analyze and execute, meanwhile people mix feelings when they trade. Some benefits of Forexmegatrion are:

* Easy to use: Forexmegatrion is easy to use, even beginners can do it.
* Functionality: The scalper will attempt to perform optimal number of trades. It also use stop loss range to reduce your risk.
* Support: You will have unlimited email support to answer all your questions. Also they help you open an account. They will help you in english or spanish, for all those latin traders.

I really…

Source by Maria Galindo

Forex Robots – Why Traders Continue to Buy Them and Always Lose!

If you are thinking of buying one of the numerous cheap Forex trading robots which are sold online and think you will make a huge regular income with no draw down – you will not and will lose money. So let's look at why traders buy these automated trading systems and why they all lose.

The traders who buy these automatic trading systems tend to be new traders who are niave or greedy. They think they can get a huge income for spending a hundred dollars or so and making no effort. These traders do not consider the fact that over 90% of traders lose money and if making money was as easy as the Forex robot sellers say, a lot more traders would win.

The track records presented would make even the great traders on multi million dollar salaries look average yet, you can do better than them for the cost of a good meal out for two – it does not add up and of course the robots have never made the money they claim.

They claim great gains and then never present an audited or verified track record! There is no audit or track record on head broker statements, You get sellers claiming real or live results but where's the proof?

If you want to make money trading currencies, you should avoid these systems and do what all successful traders do which is get an education.

Currency trading is a learned skill and anyone can learn to trade in a few weeks but for the few weeks effort you have to make the reward for your effort is a great second income in around 30 minutes a day….