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Houston, TX (PRWEB) December 09, 2012

The crux of being a successful trader is all down to the knowledge level, the quality of the alerts, and knowing exactly what to do with them. For this reason Bill Poulos has updated his program and an updated Forex ProfitCaster review on reveals whether this program is actually worth shelling out hard earned cash.

One of the most important aspects of Forex ProfitCaster is that it runs totally online which means that it not platform specific (it can be use on a Mac, iPad, PC, Windows) and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an ADSL Internet connection and a fully featured browser. The program consists of custom written web-based trade alert software that uses the breakthrough proprietary ‘triangle’ forecasting algorithms. It also includes trade alert messages, dual trading method and hourly and end of day charts, weekly online group coaching and Q&A sessions with Bill Poulos, etc.

A Forex ProfitCaster review reveals that this program literally leads the novice (and not so novice) trader by the hand. It offers lifetime access to the members’ website, as well as a year’s unlimited email support is suitable for every level of Forex trader. People can take the wealth of information that Bill’s spent the last 35+ years gaining and use it to make their own serious profits trading Forex. To get started as soon as possible, there is a physical home study course including 4 CD-ROM video tutorials, a full color reference manual, trading blueprints and a quick start guide.

A reviewer from says, “You can’t be in the Forex world for long without coming across the names of Bill and/or Greg Poulos. Bill is both a trader of many years experience as well as an investment educator. And he learned his trading lessons the hard way – on the trading floor developing the knowledge and discipline needed to be profitable on a basis that sustains itself. And it’s the combination of both these educational and trading knowledge that meant that these guys have produced such well-received software programs in the past, such as the Forex Profit Multiplier, to name but one. Whether you’re a rookie trader, been dabbling for a few years or have spent a large proportion of your life not gaining the returns you need from your trading, the Forex ProfitCaster could well be right up your street.”

To get instant access to the program or to get more information about it one should go to the official website here.

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FX Solutions Introduces Web-based GTS Forex Trading Platform.

SADDLE RIVER, N.J. — FX Solutions (, a

technology-driven online foreign exchange broker, today introduced GTS Web a web-based forex trading platform that gives customers anytime

access to their Global Trading System account from a web-enabled

computer. Unlike many software-based forex trading platforms, GTS Web

requires no software download or installation.

“With GTS Web we have been able to provide the same fast

performance and core functionality as our downloaded GTS Pro package,

but with the convenience of a web-based interface. Now our customers can

trade from one platform on multiple interfaces when and where they need

to,” said Steve Cortright of the customer support and operations

group at FX Solutions. GTS Web shares the same 99.46%(a) automated

execution of forex orders as GTS Pro since it uses the same forex

trading platform engine.

GTS Web complements the firm’s software-based GTS Pro forex

trading platform, offering traders:

* No Downloads – Browser-based Web 2.0 technology does not require

a software download or installation.

* Anytime, Anywhere Access – Trade from Windows, Mac and Linux


* Streaming Rates – Real-time update of rates. No browser-refresh


* Fixed Spreads – In all market conditions, even fast-moving


* Leverage from 50:1 to 400:1 – Six different leverage ratios to

choose from(c).

* Forex Calculator – A single tool for margin, pip and premium


* Market News – Same fast international news feed used by

institutional FX traders.

* Integrated Charting – Embedded charting with support for multiple

time periods and indicators.

“Technology is a key reason that FX Solutions has been the

only forex broker to make the Inc. 500 list for the last 3 years in a

row(d),” said Robert Cortright, Co-CEO of FX Solutions. “With

GTS Web, we know we can retain the speed, reliability and consistently

excellent performance our customers demand, but in a more convenient

anytime, anywhere package.”

In April 2007, FX Solutions received an investment in excess of

$100 million from Francisco Partners of Menlo Park, California, a

leading technology investment group.

About FX Solutions

FX Solutions, LLC was founded in 2001 by two foreign exchange

veterans with over 50 years combined experience. The company is a

leading online foreign exchange (forex) broker, operating as a

market-maker to retail and institutional clients. With its focus on

advanced trading technology solutions, the firm serves retail clients,

white label partners, institutional trading partners, introducing

brokers, fund managers and their clients. Leveraging its proprietary

interbank market price feed and custom-built Global Trading System

(GTS), FX Solutions sets high standards for execution speed, price

transparency and efficient client management.

a) Automated execution: 98.46% for the time period October 1, 2007

through November 30, 2007.

b) Fixed Spreads: While we strive to display fixed price spreads at

all times, there may be occasions, however rare, where a significant

market or world event may force us to widen spreads without prior notice

to our clients.

c) Leverage: FX Solutions asks that you consider the risks

associated with increasing your leverage. A relatively small market

movement will have a proportionally large impact on the funds you have

deposited or will have to deposit; this may work against you as well as

for you. You may sustain a total loss of initial margin and you me be

required to deposit additional funds to cover a short margin position.

Flexible leverage is available is available for self-traded accounts

only (does not apply to managed accounts).

d) According to Inc. magazine September 2007 Inc. 500

“America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” issue.

Forex Trading Online – Software

It has become imperative for every FOREX broker to maintain a software package with which his clients might transact and also get market prices online. This necessity has been brought by a stupendous growth of internet and its rising accessibility to common masses.

With every passing day, the popularity of online trading amongst traders is increasing and so is increasing the need to improvise the current software tools and the answer to this situation is FOREX online trading software.

FOREX trading software comes in two forms- web based and client based. Whatever type you might be looking at, any online trading software must perform one essential function. FOREX trading software must be able to provide market information at real time and should incessantly update the information. The processing delay must be non-existent and it must be precise to deliver the entry and exit points for the trade.

Now for the distinction between the two, web based software is the one which works on the broker’s website. A client just needs to login to it and work requiring no installation on his own computer. A client based software needs to be downloaded first and then installed on the client’s machine. This software works in sync with the broker’s software.

It must be understood that web based FOREX online trading software is always considered better in terms of convenience, safety and reliability. Any user can log in to them from anywhere with the help of their unique account and password. But in client based software, one needs to be at the same computer to work.

All of us would agree to the fact that data safety and security must be the primary concern of any FOREX online trading software. Web based software makes use of high-strength data encryption to prevent data theft by hackers during data transmission. It also saves you from other intruders like viruses. It is true that data transmission is generally safe in client based software also but since it is being used by a single user, the probability of data loss increases.

FOREX online trading software makes use of reliable data servers which has the task of holding website content and user transaction. It is true that processing of servers could be hampered due to power outages and natural disasters, at least two sets of servers in separate locations are maintained to ensure maximum uptime and data backups.

The biggest bugbear with FOREX online trading software is data transmission delays. It might be due to internet connection or the physical distance between the client machine and the main server. What is advised is to have high-speed internet connection and a high-speed computer system. It is also advisable to have a broker who is in the same area as one’s trading place to do away with any delays.

Most of the FOREX online trading software now offers a lot of facilities for the users. So, now you could have charting functions with a variety of viewing functions to get real-time price quotes for most currency pairs. Similarly, one could also make use of stops and limits to enter and exit the market. At the most you need to shell out a minimum monthly fee to make use of FOREX online trading software.