Sun Tzu Art Of War In Forex Trading – How To Be A Profitable Forex Trader

” Forex Trading is so hard. I seldom have a winning trade!”

” Forex Trading is so easy. I just have another winning streak for the entire week!”

Two Groups of Forex Traders – The Losers And The Winners

Read the two statements above again. These are two of the main statements I often hear from friends who are trading . Diametrically opposite, these two statements contrast greatly between themselves- one group of traders finding trading so very difficult for themselves, hardly able to get a winning trade. Traders from this group are fumbling at the ropes, trying to become profitable traders and to be able to bring home the roost. Traders of another group are the happier ones. They are consistently profitable in their trades. They are the winners in the market.

You look around- and you see others are doing so well in trading, and amassing personal wealth, even trading for a living- some of them making thousands of dollars each time they trade- and you think you should be one of them.

Why 90% Of Forex Traders Are Losers

So why is it that 90% of the traders in not making consistent money? What is it that the other 10% of the traders have that make them the superb winners?

Currency trading was until recently the domain of the super rich and of the big time institutions. Unless you are well oiled, and have deep pockets or a huge sum of money as a capital support, it is not likely for you to even access currency trading.

However, this changed with time,…

Source by Peter Lim