The Stock Trading Robot – Is Marl All That He's Cracked Up To Be?

Marl, The Stock Trading Robot, contrary to what it's creators would have you believe is not unique. There have been automated trading systems for years on the internet, be they in Forex or the stock and bond markets. What is different about Marl is the way in which stocks are analyzed and the information relayed. I'm sure many of you (much like myself until a few years ago) possessed a very rudimentary knowledge of investment strategy and terminology. To me the stock market represented the boring few seconds before the newscaster got to sports. However, I now know that with a solid knowledge of the market and a tool like the stock trading robot the market can be a powerful money making tool.

What Exactly does Marl do?

When I first heard of the creation this was the first question on my mind, and at first the answer looks quite straight forward; Marl analyzes penny stocks. In essence, this is true however I feel that it is important to explain how exactly the process happens. It analyzes a stock's trading patterns and looks for patterns using mathematical algorithms. Let's say that company XYZ for a 7 day period of time traded at either +/- $ 0.50 of it's beginning week value. Marl breaks down the trading record and determinates at which points the stock peaked, and the points where it's value declined. By doing this it is able to tell you a time to buy or sell the security.

Right now you may be thinking that the Stock Trading Robot is your ticket to…


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