Unique Qualities of Forex Megadroid – What Sets it Apart From Other Robots?

You may be wondering what Forex Megadroid has to offer to traders, both newbies and experts, from all over the world. This robot created by trading experts John Grace and Albert Perrie was supposedly infused with their combined decades of experience in trading.

In an industry where Forex robots abound and are jostling for the attention and purchase of customers, it is really tough to compete. Many marketers of programs resort to making hyperbolic claims about their products in the hopes that people will choose theirs over the rest. It is then the burden of the customer to verify which of these are really and truly effective in increasing their income in currency trading.

The makers of the Forex Megadroid enumerate the things that make this product unique and have an edge over the rest. They built it with an artificial intelligence, which is a sophisticated way for it to remember each and every trade that it does so that it will remember if it is successful or not, and thus will be able to choose a more successful strategy in its future trades.

Another trading method used by this robot is its trademarked Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis. This RCTPA, as it is commonly known in the market, is said to be its strongest quality and cannot be found in any other similar product. What this does is that it sifts through all the trading data that it has accumulated and makes its decisions based on it.

Because of the RCTPA Forex Megadroid is able to make sense…

Source by Jonathan B. Jesselton

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