Unmanned Robotic Truck Wash Tunnels

Unmanned Robotic Truck Wash Tunnels

With labour costs soaring and the quality of work ethic in the United States lacking we'll need to have more robotic systems to do those jobs that most humans won't do. You should understand that this is becoming critical and isn't an anti-union or worker sentiment. Rather an industry known choice, which is becoming more and more prevalent. In the truck washing business for instance it can take as many as 10-30 men for a 1-3 bay truck wash and that that's a lot of folks. Still each truck takes about 20-30 minutes from the time it comes into the bay until it exits.

Washing equipment such as trucks without the use of people is possible and can be done. It's not an "Easy". Proposition to get it right. You've to know what you're doing and don't allow the equipment salesmen to baffle you with Bullshit, which they're all too good at. You see at the end of the day all that really matters is.

1.) Is the Truck actually clean

2.) Did you clean it without damaging it. The paint, the decals, the mirrors, wipers or some other component.

The rest is "water under the truck wash". If you understand the flow of thought here? The truck wash sector is going robotic like it or not. For those who claim that an all hand wash is better, well that maybe maybe true today and for a few more years. Soon they'll be no difference between a robotic truck wash or one done by a small team of humans, in fact the robotics will get incrementally better until, the…


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