Using RSI and the Trader's Map to Make Better Decisions in Trading Forex

Using RSI And The Trader's Map To Make Better Decisions In Trading Forex

What are the steps to making better trading decisions? Is trading just finding an entry point and then making money? How does one know that the entry point is a good one?

Decision-Making in trading Forex

Many traders have a rough idea of ​​their decision-making process when they trade. Some traders even write down a list of rules to follow. Having a process is a good thing because like a playbook in the NFL, you have thought out what it is you are trying to do and then you are doing your best to execute it.

In Forex trading it is important to have a trading process and that includes some last minute decision-making as to whether a trade should or should not be taken.

Trading decisions

The first thing the trader needs to decide is the trade entry. An entire book could be written on this but suffice it to say that much thought should go into the how and why of entry. I have found in my years of trading that locating an entry point based on the 4 RSI Trading Signals is one of the best methods because it involves 3 kinds of Momentum which need to be present in order to trade in a successful manner.

Once an entry is located do we trade?

Here is where I find that traders make a leap to the next level; knowing if they should or should not enter a trade when their trading system alerts them to the trade. To do this I suggest creating a trading map. This is a map divided into quadrants of Good, Better, Best and Worst. Each quadrant defines what makes…

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