VipFXua – Forex Signals Provider

Nowadays there are a lot of different trading systems, providing Forex signals all over the world. But not many of them are really successful. One of really popular and precise systems is VipFXua. It's used by many people almost everywhere. Let's find out why and what're the secrets of its success and popularity.

VipFXua is a scalping and mid-risky trading system. Usually 1-5 orders are opened, depending on the price rages and targets for profit. The trading can be done during both trend moving and flat, in the channels and on breakouts.

The Forex signals are given through the trading day with the average frequency –. 10 signals a day. Most the market orders are opened. Sometimes the Forex signals on pending orders happen as well. The news are taken into consideration only during the determination of important price levels. Positions can be kept open from 5 minutes to 2 days. The analysis is made on M5, M15 and H1 timeframes. At the same time the H4 and D1 timeframes are controlled as well.

The indicators used in the system show the best enter places in the market for giving better Forex signals. Those indicators were created by the Forex signals provider himself and the trading is done only according to them. The positions are closed near 162% according to Fibo levels or on breakout patterns. At the same time the levels of stop-losses and take-profits are determined according to the ZigZag indicator. Usually the risk per position is 300 pips.


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