May 31, 2020

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Robot Trade 1 month profit History- 300% profit without risk(Learn Forex)


Bismillah Rahmani Rahim i am Md Nurul Amin Sagor, Welcome to learn forex Channel you can see exchange is underway in my account ranning alternate robotic title Scalper Please follew at present i will exhibit you a month’s valued at of history you’ll see how a lot profit you could get by trading one month In my previous movies i’ve shown the exchange of scalper robots many times I’ve proven you my different robots exchange my 2nd higher robotic identify Mastertrand I’ve obvious the alternate within the MasterTrand robot repeatedly before you master alternate robot presents 40% revenue monthly that suggests, in case you deposit $ one hundred, you are going to receive $ forty profit a month MasterTrand Ea profit per months 40%-50% with out danger Now we can see the revenue of the scalper and the robot please comply with stability 2000$ up adequate Now we will see the difference between the earlier robotic and the revenue of the scalper robotic you will be competent to contact me if my contract details are given in the description you’ll be ready to watch the video from the video offered earlier than the outline one of the vital profitable robots at the present time scalper by means of using this robotic you are going to be in a position to learn 300% a month with out one hundred% threat We proven the robot in many methods and came to the conclusion that this robotic will give you 300% revenue in a month.Often 300% revenue per months you will find the robotic is ordering and closing Scalper robotic alternate is happening Let me know if in case you have situation figuring out at any place today i will show you a few months’ worth of robots on the scalper robot please follow please follow please follow deposit 500$, now revenue 1500$ deposit 500$ date deposit 2-20-2020 and today date 3-24-2020 deposit feb-20-2020 in these days date mar-24-20 please comply with 1month profit 1500$ earlier than advertising and marketing a robot, we again and again scan the robot and check out to view its revenue now revenue 1498$ right here use SL and Trailing discontinue lot measurement 0.10, sl hit 2.50$ use trailing stop so lucrative unlimited not use TP order dimension 0.10 please comply with sl hit best 2.50$ right here sl is given a detailed amount please comply with revenue historical past unlimited profit due to the fact that use trailing discontinue, now not TP i hope you realise please follow input From right here that you can exchange the lot dimension growing the steadiness will increase your lot size min lot and max lot that you can broaden the dimensions quite a bit from here Let me be aware of in case you have any issues understanding this Scalper Ea you can use 24hours most often you can revenue 300$ with out threat when you have any questions please contact with me The contract important points are supplied by means of the description please contract my skype identity just like the video in case you like and share extra if you’re new to my channel, subscribe to the channel thanks if in case you have subscribed to Alreadi thanks to every person, Allah Hafez